Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cybernetics in Genesys: EMP Weapons

Aside from the weapons listed in the Modern and Sci-Fi (Netrunner) section, we should also throw in some EMP weaponry as mentioned in the last post.

EMP weapons can cause disorientation when used against biological targets (or worse to their wielders if there is a problem with the shielding), but their true targets are machines. With that in mind, I wanted to switch direction a bit on how EMP weapons impact their targets:
  • When a cyborg is hit by a weapon with the EMP quality, it's critical rating drops 1 for every 1 point of cybernetic strain a character has.
  • Hits that penetrate the armor of vehicles have a Critical of 1. 
  • EMP weapons can be incredibly powerful, BUT a spend of 4 Threat or 1 Despair will inflict a Critical on the firing vehicle/person as properly shielding or grounding the users of these weapons is a tricky proposition.

Pulse PistolRanged(Light)55Short23605EMP, Prepare 2, Limited Ammo 2, Stun 1
Pulse RifleRanged(Heavy)65Medium59006EMP, Prepare 1, Limited Ammo 4, Stun 2
Pulse CannonGunnery85Long718008EMP, Prepare 1, Cumbersome 2, Stun 3
Under Barrel EMPRanged(Heavy)65ShortPlus 2Plus 6006EMP, Prepare 1, Liited Ammo 2, Stun 1, Unwieldy 2, Cumbersome 2

Some other guidelines: They should do ~%20 less damage than their ballistic counterparts, have %20 more encumbrance, +2 worse crit rating (aside from vehicles and the aforementioned 'discount' for targets with cyber), have a disorient effect as well as requiring 1 round between firings to charge.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Cybernetics in Genesys: A First SWAG

In an attempt to flesh out the available gear in the core rule book, I'm taking a stab at adding some additional modifications. All of these aside from the Chameleon Skin require an existing implant to add on to, and each costs one strain just as the parent implant does.

For now I'm listing each as a flat 1500 credits, as I'm not sure of the financial balancing act involved as of yet.

Additionally, cyborgs are quite susceptible to Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapons and effects. When hit by a weapon with the EMP quality, the attack gains a Pierce value equal to the total number of strain the cyborg has lost due to implants.

(Example: Someone with two cybernetic arms, and retractable mono-blades reduces their character's strain by 2 as normal, but all EMP weapons will have a Pierce 2 vs this character as well.)

Skulljack Modifications

-Tactical Integration - When tied into a jacked Gunnery system add +1 effective Gunnery skill.

Eye Modifications

-Integral Targeting - Range to target is counted as one closer, to a minimum of short. Vigilance has an added setback die due to the increase in target focus coming at the expense of broader visual processing.

- Emotive Cognition - When dealing with a known type of sentient, biological creature, reveal one Motivation of that character once per scene.

Arm Modifications

- Retractable mono-blades - Attempts to detect are at +3 setback. They may be unsheathed as an incidental action. The cost is one strain regardless of whether there are one or two blades installed (one for each arm). The cost in credits is double for two arms however.

- Reinforced fore-arms - Reinforced fore-arm sections act as effecting blocking/parrying implements, granting a +1 to melee defense.

- Handy Grapple - Hand may be fired as a grapple gun. Uses Ranged(Light) for targeting and when used as a weapon does +1 damage, 3 critical, range Short with Knockdown quality.

- Handoc - Hand contains a variety of medical monitoring systems and integrated scalpals/iv systems. Acts as a medkit and the integrated scalpals may be used as a weapon that does +1 damage, 2 critical, Range engaged

Leg Modifications (all require TWO legs)

- Nanitic Coils - Essentially high-tech shock absorbers, they reduce the distance of a fall by one range band. (i.e. Medium becomes Short, Short becomes effectively nothing.)

- Reversable knee  - Taking a maneuver, the legs 'reverse' taking on a form akin to ostrich legs. When in this mode, the character moves at vehicular scale, speed 2 but all skill checks have their difficulty upgraded by one.


- Chameleon skin - Technically this implant modifies the entirety  of the body, but it is controlled from a processing unit in the chest. This can be activated with an incidental, and adds three setback dice to any attempt to detect the cyborg.  However, all maneuvers cost one additional strain as the systems attempts to quickly compensate for any sudden change in background.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Interface Zero: Simon Says (Part 1)

 Interface Zero: Simon Says (part 1)

Chicago Anti-Terrorism Squad
Operational Debrief: Triple Happy Dairy and Genetically Modified Treats Company. (Referenced as 'THD')

- CATS was tipped to the activities of THD by patrol units in the vicinity 4 months ago. Officers on patrol noted regular security patrols and a degree of competence unusual in the dairy industry.
- Routine SIGINT returned nothing of interest. Upon further investigation, the data was too clean. Industrial assets returned to their start positions in time for publically available satellite assets. Heat signatures were blocked or not present in the main building.
- Unusual levels of environmental control noted on the north wing of the facility. Initial analysis suggested  a potential synthetic narcotics facility.
- Request for UN black sat passover was granted. No evidence of delivery trucks arriving or departing noted. Personnel in hazmat suits were noted on premise.
- Timeline is at 30 days from initial patrol report. Request for tactical team breach and sweep denied due to the desire to protect the interests of
- Recon  team deployed to abandoned condo unit in proximity to the facility. Trucks are seen arriving and departing at a low volume. Team lead reports based on tire shape that they appear to be loaded inbound, and empty upon exit. A variety of cargo vehicles are also seen arriving laden and departing empty.
- Timeline is now 90 days from initial report. Request for tactical breach and sweep again denied due to political sensitivity.
- Recon team attempts a variety of methods to land a network node onsite to intercept traffic. GIven standing protocols, they were not allowed to do this themselves. A variety of transients were utilized to varying effect.
- Recon team has a count of approximately 30 security personnel, all with light armor and SMGs. There is no evidence of employees entering/leaving the facility for work shifts, the only personnel noted were the security team, 'eggheads' (note: Team lead phrasing) and two former military operators identified as Tanger and Krash. The latter have done freelance work for CATS in the past.
- Timeline is now 1 day prior to incident. Request for breach and sweep again denied.
- Team lead makes contact with 'transient' who is identified as an associate of 'Simon Security'. She bears a striking relationship to the 'Sisters' seen across the Chicagoland area since Downers Day, as well as Target Alpha. Agreeing to carry the node into the facility, she fails but succeeds in placing her team's own node.
- The Simon Security team breaches the network, and the facility goes on alert with multiple teams egressing.
- Simon Security reports data supporting chemical weapons onsite as well as a plan for immediate dispersal. Recon team is KIA when their condo block is collapsed with preplaced demolition charges under the buildings. Team Lead is in reconstruction and is expected to survive..
- Simon Security proceeds to track and 'hole' inbound tanker trucks. Two trucks departed the facility before the tactical team arrived.
- Firefight ensues between onsite security and tactical team. Security manages to purge system assets prior to being eliminated.
- Chemical weapons found onsite support Simon Security assessment that there was a plan to release these weapons, but civilian casualties were a secondary concern. The target appear to be the creatures found in the north wing of the facility in varying states of  dissection.
- The creatures match descriptions given of the 'things' that allegedly eliminated the chinese military presence at O'hare last year as well as periodic sightings throughout the city since then.
- Biological samples are currently undergoing evaluation in-house as well as through UN .

Further investigative efforts will depend upon the research findings, as well as financial forensics on the Dairy's operations.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Genesys: Combat Example

Valeria, the barbarian character I created in the last entry, finds herself travelling through a forest with her occasional compatriot Day-Vahd Bowie, Elven Ranger.

They are checking up on a small village after reports of Beastman raids in the area.

Day-Vahd is on point, and ahead they can see smoke rising from the location of the village. Unfortunately, Beastmen erupt from both sides of the trail having been waiting in ambush.

There are 8 Beastmen, four in each group.

Valeria and Day-Vahd will both roll Vigilance, with Valeria getting 2 Bonus dice due to Day-Vahd's 'Heightened Awareness' talent (which only helps his allies, not him.)

Valeria gets 0 Success

Day-Vahd gets 4 Success and 1 Advantage

The two groups of Beastmen will use Cool as they were waiting in ambush.

Group 1 gets 1 Success
Group 2 gets 1 Success

Order is Friendly-Enemy-Enemy-Friendly

Round 1

Players have 2 Story Points
GM has 1 Story Point

Day-Vahd will take the first Initiative slot, quick draw his bow (Incidental action) , use a Maneuver to aim his bow, an Action to fire his bow at Group 1 ,  and take two Strain to move to Medium range as another Maneuver.

His dice roll 2 Success and 4 Advantages (two of which came from his Aiming.) He does 9 points of damage, plus spends 3 Advantage for a crit, and uses the last Advantage to recoup 1 of his Strain used for the extra Maneuver. 9 points is enough to kill a Beastman, and the Crit kills another.

"Day-Vahd unlimbers his bow with one fluid motion, takes aim and lets fly several arrows that quickly silence two Beastmen as he falls back to a more practical position for an archer."

The two remaining members of Group 1 use two Maneuvers to 1: Move to Close range and then 2: Move to Engaged. Being Minions, they cannot use Strain to buy another Maneuver, so they cannot move twice and then attack, only move twice.

"The other two Beastmen in that group howl in fury and chase down Day-Vahd, closing the distance in a mere heart-beat."

The other group moves to engage Valeria and rend her with their claws. Four of them in this group means they will be rolling 3 Proficiency dice and 1 Ability dice. Valeria is going to use a Story point to set one of the Difficulty die to a Challenge die, which makes only adds one Threat which will manifest as 1 Strain (wound since it is a minion group) on the Beastmen, but gets 5 Success, which would normally mean 11 Wounds - Valeria's soak of 5. Valeria uses her Parry talent to add 3 to her Soak at the cost of taking 3 Strain, which means she has taken 3 Wounds and 3 Strain instead of 6 Wounds.
Valeria now has 13 Wounds/ 7 Strain remaining.
Also since the Group has taken a wound, they all go into a Bestial Rage, which lowers their Critical score to 1.

"The pack charged in towards Valeria who does her best to beat them away as they claw and bite, drawing blood and driving them into an even more uncontrollable killing frenzy."

Valeria takes the last slot and uses a Maneuver to go into a Berserk state. She will now add 1 Success and 2 Advantages to all Melee checks she makes, but enemies will get to add 1 Success as well, she cannot use ranged weapons, and she will take a boatload of Strain at the end of the fight. She lashes out with her Greataxe at the mass of Beastmen around her. With Berserk, she gets 3 Success and 4 Advantage. She will use three of the Advantage to Crit a Minion, the last Advantage to reduce her Strain by 1 and will inflict 11 Damage (Pierce 2) to the Group, killing another minion outright and adding 3 wounds to one other Minion. (Group 2 now has two members, one with 6 Wounds, and one with only 2 Wounds remaining. Valeria has 13 Wounds / 8 Strain remaining.

"Screaming to an obscure Norse deity, Valeria swings her Greataxe with wild abandon, cleaving through mangy fur and deformed skulls, splattering the ground with their tainted blood."

Round 2

Players have 1 Story point
GM has 2 Story points

Valeria is going to take the first slot and continues her onslaught. The GM uses a story point to raise her difficulty due to the ground being so slick with all the blood and entrails and the like... Sadly she misses, but does yield a Triumph and 4 Advantage. The Triumph is going to be used to make the group about to attack Day-Vahd have a harder time as the screams of their dying comrades distracted them as well as adding a Setback dice to the group attacking her with 2 Advantage, and recovers 2 more Strain with the remaining.

"Continuing to scream and swing, the Beastman are momentarily distracted by Valeria's spectacle, possibly providing an opening for Day-Vahd."

The two beastman that ran towards Day-Vahd pounce. Fortunately they are not technically wounded, so no Bestial Rage yet. They do get a Challenge dice due to Valeria's screaming and flailing with the Greataxe, which nets them 1 Success and 3 Threat. Day-Vahd will take 7 Wounds - Soak of 3 for a total of 4. The 3 Threat get spend to provide Day-Vahd an Advantage die and one Strain on the Minion group (1 Wound.)
Day-Vahd has 7 Wounds/ 12 Strain remaining. The Beastmen duo has one with 6 Wounds, and on with 5.

"Day-Vahd did what he could, but the Beastmen raked him with their claws, but did so in a way that they stumbled all over each other."

The two fighting Valeria snarl and attack rolling 2 Success (one from her Berserk talent). This inflicts 8 Wounds - 5 Soak for 3 Wounds on Valeria. She will take 3 Strain to effectively block this damage.
Valeria has 13 Wounds/ 7 Strain remaining.

"Valeria continues to beat back the two Beastman fighting her, the barest signs of fatigue showing themselves."

Day-Vahd has one Advantage die from Valeria, and one from the Beastman fumbling around in their attack. He uses one Maneuver to swap weapons and bring his Axe into play. He gets 3 Success and 2 Advantage, his Success came from his Proficiency dice and his Advantage dice which might suggest that he deftly took advantage of the opportunity, inflicting 8 damage, killing the wounded Beastman.

"Day-Vahd, ducked between the two stumbling Beastmen and drove his axe into the front of one their throats , dropping it into a gargling pile of death."

Round 3

Players have 1 Story Point
GM has 2 Story Points

Valeria is taking the first slot again, and is going to spend the last Story Point to upgrade her dice pool, getting 3 Success and 4 Advantage with her Berserk talent. Valeria will spend 3 Advantage for a critical and do 8 wounds (pierce 2). This is sufficient to kill both Beastmen. The remaining Advantage she will spend to recoup 1 Strain and she moves towards the remaining Beastman.

"With one clean motion, Valeria removes the heads of the two remaining Beastmen that were accosting her, making the forest a quieter, albeit bloodier place in the process."

The GM is going to spend one story point to declare that the last Beastman is now in a Bestial Rage, it attacks Day-Vahd and (really against the odds given 3Green/2 Purple) gets 3 Success and 2 Advantage. This would do just enough damage to drop Day-Vahd to 0, which gets a Critical Injury, AND the Beastman spends both Advantages on Criticals, adding 20 to the Critical table. (Beastman Critical rating of 1 when in Bestial Rage.)  The roll is 84+20=104 ... Maimed and 1 Setback dice on all rolls until this injury is healed.

"As Day-Vahd had his Axe arm extended from the killing blow, the other Beastman grabs it in its jaws and tears the forearm right off. The forest is again not quiet due to the sudden outburst of Elfish screaming as he slumps to the ground."

Round 4

Players have 2 Story Points
GM has 1 Story Point

Valeria uses her Maneuver to Engage the Beastman and her Action to attempt to cleave it, she will use a Story Point to upgrade her pool, yielding 4 Success and ending the Beastman.

"Valeria brings down her greataxe, almost splitting the Beastman asunder. Now that she is alone with her critically wounded comrade, the rage fades replaced by worry.(she takes 6 Strain, now has 2 left)"

Valeria would now get a chance to roll to recover some strain, and her friend is in dire need of help...

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Genesys RPG

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has recently released a 'generic' implementation of their Star Wars rulesystem called 'Genesys'.

No... 'Genesys'.

Probably clever shorthand for 'Generic System'.

At any rate, the system is nearly identical to the Star Wars system, aside from two areas:

  • Different Dice (You can use the star wars dice in a pinch.)
  • Specialization 'trees' are gone.
The new dice due have more reasonable symbology, but work just the same as they do in Star Wars, sans a Force die.

The change in talent handling will be a welcome change for many, as now talents are bought 'a la carte', with each talent having a 'tier level' that dictates its XP cost, as well as when you may buy it.

When you purchase a talent, the two requirements are:
  1.  Enough experience points.
  2. After you would add the talent, you have more talents of a lower tier. This effectively creates a 'talent pyramid' akin to the way Fate handles skills.
The core book is a toolkit, most similar to something like the 'Cypher System' rulebook in that you need to put in a bit of work as a GM to build out some items, archetypes and foes before you can really run a game with it.

Like the Cypher System rulebook, there are genre examples given for Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-Fi (Cyberpunk and Space Opera). These honestly feel more like teasers for future FFG product (i.e. Twilight Imperium and Android are the two sci-fi setting overviews given.) but they give enough mechanical examples to build out those backgrounds yourself.

So to test out character creation, I'm going to make a barbarian warrior named 'Valeria'.

Step 1 is to figure out concept/background: She's a barbarian warrior named 'Valeria'. 😁

Step 2 is to determine Archetype or Species. This is essentially a package that determines starting stats, a special ability and a skill boost as well as experience points to buy additional skills/talents.

The core book gives an example of an Archetype for a laborer, basically strong, not great with mental fortitude and has the option to drop a critical injury to the least serious one possible once per session for a story point spend. We will refactor this as a 'Barbarian' archtype, swapping the low willpower for a low intellect.

Valeria the Barbarian
Starting Wound Threshold: 12 + Brawn  = 15
Starting Strain Threshold: 8 + Willpower = 10
Starting Experience: 100 
Starting Skills: A Barbarian starts with one rank in Athletics during character creation. They obtain this rank before spending experience points, and may not increase Athletics above rank 2 during character creation.
Tough as Nails: Once per session, your character may spend a Story Point as an out-of-turn incidental immediately after suffering a Critical Injury and determining the result. If they do so, they count the result rolled as “01".

Step 3 we choose a career, which gives us a package of skills that we get a discount for buying as well as starting with an additional rank in 4 of them. We will select 'Soldier' (we could make our own as well, but this is a first pass.) 

We get Athletics, Brawl, Coercion, Melee[Heavy], Perception, Ranged, Survival, and Vigilance as career skills, plus we get a free rank in four of them: Melee[Heavy], Vigilance, Survival and Coercion seem like a good start.

Step 4 Invest Experience Points. We have 100 to buy talents and skills and a chance to improve characteristics.
  • Skills cost 5x the level you want to raise it to, plus 5 more if it is not a career skill.  (And you cant have more than a skill of 2 from character generation.)
  • Talents cost 5x the Tier level of the talent. 
For Valeria, we should bump her brawn to 4 for a cost of 40. (40pts characteristics)

Skills: add one level of Melee[Heavy] for 10, one level of Discipline for 10, one level of Perception for 5, one level of brawl for 5 and one level Cool for 10 (40pts skills)

Talents: Tier 1: Parry for 5 Durable for 5. Tier 2: Berserk for 10

Step 5 Derived characteristics: Wounds 16, Strain 10, Melee Defense 0, Ranged Defense 0, Soak 4

Step 6 Determine Character Motivation. I'm just going to roll these, and unlike some systems they DO have a mechanical impact, especially in Social Encounters.

  • Desire - Safety... Ok this is a weird Barbarian Berserker, but there we are. 
  • Fear - Nemesis. She has someone who she fears, even if she doesnt admit it it, that is out for her.
  • Strength - Courageous. This is thematically appropriate.
  • Flaw - Anger. Ok this also works quite well for a Barbarian Berserker.
Putting it all together, perhaps she is on the run from an enemy that wishes to end her for something that she did when she lost her temper. Perhaps she is afraid of this nemesis not so much for the physical threat it presents, but rather the reminder of something terrible that she did...

Step 7 Choose Gear, Appearance and Personality.

Personality I think we did a good job fleshing out in Step 6. Given her brawn and berserker tendencies, I would say that she is physically imposing, and aside from battle scars of otherwise unremarkable appearance.

As to gear, we have 500 (currency), so flipping to the limited Fantasy section, we will buy leather armor for 50, winter clothing for 100, and a Greataxe for 300 (450 total, 50 left).


Final Sheet:

Name: Valeria
Species/Archetype: Barbarian
Career: Soldier

Soak Value: 4+1
Wounds: Threshold 16 / Current      Strain: Threshold 10 / Current 
Defense: Ranged — / Melee —

Brawn: 4  Agility: 2 Intellect: 1 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 2 Presence: 2

Athletics: 1 Brawl:1 Survival: 1 Vigilance: 1 Melee — Heavy: 2 Coercion:1 Discipline: 1 Perception: 1  Cool: 1




Strength: Courageous
Flaw: Anger
Desire: Safety
Fear: Nemesis

Talents & Special Abilities:
Tough as Nails: Once per session, downgrade a critical hit to “01”
Parry: Spend 3 strain to add 2 + Parry rating to soak after attack.
Durable: Drop 10 off critical injury rolls against her for each level of Durable.
Berserk: Add a success and two advantages to each combat roll you make. Enemies get a success on attacks against you, you cant make ranged attacks and you suffer 6 strain at the end of combat.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Some Campaign Ideas

In no order, here are some campaign ideas I am toying with:

Conan - You were once the leaders of a prosperous mercenary company. All of that fell apart in the vast desert of Shem. You escaped your last job with a few of your comrades, a potential new patron from the dark heart of Stygia in tow and a hard earned understanding of ghouls.
Your band is in the desert, low on supplies as another storm threatens.   In the distance, the crumbling ruins of a city appear to offer shelter from the coming storm.

Infinity - One of the perks of working for O-12 is that your downtime is usually quite comfortable, as your current resort accommodations will attest. When you notice that several other members of O-12 that you have worked with in the past are also on ‘vacation’ here it doesn’t take long before you realize that this is probably an assignment.
The bomb blast that tears through the hotel restaurant that evening both confirms that suspicion, and makes room service a bit more difficult.

Firefly(Coriolis or Stars Without Number) - You have 150k in your account, but also a cool million credit bounty on your head to go with the cargo of mal-tech picked up from that research station. Speaking of Mal, both he and Book are gone, chasing after River again.
Hopefully Jayne’s contact in the Georgia system pays off and you can transform this troublesome cargo into much needed liquidity.

DND/13thAge/Something else? - The world appears to have come apart… That is ok, it wasn’t going to hold together much longer anyway. You have successfully broken the world apart, the swirling fragments reforming into their original shape, releasing the old darkness from both its physical and mental confines.
You remember who you were… sort of.
The question remains as to what you will become because of this knowledge, or in spite of it.

Degenesis - The fragrant nightmare that dominates what was once France was once thought contained, but no more. The usual protections against the hordes of insects that preface the coming of the pheromancers no longer work. VIllages are swallowed up, ‘willingly’ embracing the monstrosities emerging from the fallen cities, their individuality crushed by the desire to join the horde.
This is a problem that can be solved with the direct application of science… And flamethrowers. Lots of flamethrowers.

Red Space (Stars Without Number) -

The Flume system is an exercise in contrasts:

Flume Prime (or simply Flume) was a near legendary resort world on the Fringe for the fabulously wealthy.

Flume Secundus (Referred to as Forge, Secundus or Hell depending on who you were) is a barely habitable planetoid in the midst of an extremely metal rich asteroid belt at the very edge of the star’s biosphere. Forge was both an extensive mining operation, as well as home to a massive array of civilian and naval shipyards.

The Flume system was in theory a full democracy, with all Citizens participating
in real-time in all government decisions.

Citizenship was based on whether or not you grandfather was a Citizen.

If you were a non-Citizen resident of the Flume system, you were known as a Ward. Wards were viewed as intellectual inferiors and were relegated to performing all of the duties beneath the ‘talents’ of the Citizens, which by the time of the Scream included all physical labor, security and engineering duties. This left the Citizens to focus on their higher purpose of real time meetings and endless policy debates.

When the Scream hit, the gate servicing the Flume system shutdown, as did all newer technologies from the core worlds.

The Citizens immediately set about discussing policies, and debating legal precedent.

The Wards began to starve, until a charismatic leader by the name of Vladimir instigated a rebellion (or terrorist attack). Using several mining ships, Vladimir redirected the path of two small asteroids directing them to Flume Prime where the bulk of the Citizens lived.

The Wards manning the early warning system of the orbitals turned them off, allowing the asteroids to enter the atmosphere and impact the oceans, annihilating 2/3rds of the planetary population in one strike.

While this was happening, the actual rebel military forces seized control of the remaining shipyards as well as Forge.

Vladimir, established the Democratic Meritocracy of Flume, where all men would be equals, some more than others of course.
As the First Ward, Vladimir paved the way for the current ‘Socialist Utopia’ laced with a healthy amount of nepotism, corruption and institutional segregation against any who could claim (or be accused of having) a Citizen as an ancestor.

Flume was ‘fortunate’ in that while it had a high technology base, it was sustainable, and the asteroid strike reduced Flume Prime’s population to ‘sustainable’ levels in one instant, foregoing the famine and diseases that ravaged other worlds.

Today the DMF has taken to the stars once again, sending small scout ships into the void to survey what is left of the Terran Mandate.

One scout is now three weeks overdue while scouting the remote system referred to as Manny’s world on the old Mandat star charts . You and your crew have been tasked with leading a small task force to investigate, and perhaps to prove the DMF’s worth against ‘imperialists’ in battle.

You have been assigned the DMF People’s Retribution, one of the first cruiser size warships built in the Flume systems since the collapse.

Additionally, you will have the DMF Worker’s Hand , a frigate of the line to assist you in your mission.

Success in this mission, (as well as the proper observation of DMF political protocol as taught by your shipboard Polity Ward) will ensure your place in the upper echelons of this ‘society of equals’.

Failure will result in your record being purged at best and your family’s ties to the Citizenry being ‘exposed’ at worst.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

SWN Firefly Episode 1, Part 3

The Sisters looked concerned.

The Alliance officer seated across the table from them stood out like a sore thumb in his ‘disguise’. If he had strolled into the bar in full military regalia it would have been less obvious who he was.

Perhaps that was the point, and he wanted the locals to know who the Sisters were involved with.

Perhaps this was a message.

Perhaps he was an idiot.

Either way he was displeased.

“You put a 500k bounty on an IPN boat? This was supposed to be discrete…” he said, staring at both of the Sisters in a manner that would normally get other players a quick trip 6 feet down.

They were patient.

“You saw the security feeds just as we did”, stated one of the Sisters, eyes unblinking as she stared back at the Alliance officer.

“Our ship had remote hacked into the facility before Allen’s lackeys arrived on the scene, those… things tore through their ship’s doctor in seconds, and one of them apparently survived an EVA with no suit and boarded their ship as they departed… with the Alliance data core.”

The Alliance officer blinked, and paused a moment before responding.

“We still have no idea what was going on on that station, but if rumour begins to circulate that the Alliance was engaged in maltech research… I will hold you both accountable. This needs to be contained.”

“Speaking of things Mal related, that was Mal Reynolds ship” the Sisters replied in unison.

“Up the bounty to 1 million. If he’s feeling greedy he will just try to unload it, but if he can find some way to make the Alliance suffer with whatever is on that core he will do that instead.”

The Sisters nodded.

He was an idiot after all.