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Cybernetics in Genesys: A First SWAG

In an attempt to flesh out the available gear in the core rule book, I'm taking a stab at adding some additional modifications. All of these aside from the Chameleon Skin require an existing implant to add on to, and each costs one strain just as the parent implant does.

For now I'm listing each as a flat 1500 credits, as I'm not sure of the financial balancing act involved as of yet.

Additionally, cyborgs are quite susceptible to Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapons and effects. When hit by a weapon with the EMP quality, the attack gains a Pierce value equal to the total number of strain the cyborg has lost due to implants.

(Example: Someone with two cybernetic arms, and retractable mono-blades reduces their character's strain by 2 as normal, but all EMP weapons will have a Pierce 2 vs this character as well.)

Skulljack Modifications

-Tactical Integration - When tied into a jacked Gunnery system add +1 effective Gunnery skill.

Eye Modifications

-Integral Targeting - Range to ta…

Interface Zero: Simon Says (Part 1)

Interface Zero: Simon Says (part 1)
Chicago Anti-Terrorism Squad Operational Debrief: Triple Happy Dairy and Genetically Modified Treats Company. (Referenced as 'THD')
Timeline: - CATS was tipped to the activities of THD by patrol units in the vicinity 4 months ago. Officers on patrol noted regular security patrols and a degree of competence unusual in the dairy industry. - Routine SIGINT returned nothing of interest. Upon further investigation, the data was too clean. Industrial assets returned to their start positions in time for publically available satellite assets. Heat signatures were blocked or not present in the main building. - Unusual levels of environmental control noted on the north wing of the facility. Initial analysis suggested  a potential synthetic narcotics facility. - Request for UN black sat passover was granted. No evidence of delivery trucks arriving or departing noted. Personnel in hazmat suits were noted on premise. - Timeline is at 30 days from initial patro…

Genesys: Combat Example

Valeria, the barbarian character I created in the last entry, finds herself travelling through a forest with her occasional compatriot Day-Vahd Bowie, Elven Ranger.

They are checking up on a small village after reports of Beastman raids in the area.

Day-Vahd is on point, and ahead they can see smoke rising from the location of the village. Unfortunately, Beastmen erupt from both sides of the trail having been waiting in ambush.

There are 8 Beastmen, four in each group.

Valeria and Day-Vahd will both roll Vigilance, with Valeria getting 2 Bonus dice due to Day-Vahd's 'Heightened Awareness' talent (which only helps his allies, not him.)

Valeria gets 0 Success

Day-Vahd gets 4 Success and 1 Advantage

The two groups of Beastmen will use Cool as they were waiting in ambush.

Group 1 gets 1 Success
Group 2 gets 1 Success

Order is Friendly-Enemy-Enemy-Friendly

Round 1

Players have 2 Story Points
GM has 1 Story Point

Day-Vahd will take the first Initiative slot, quick draw his bow (Inci…