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Dust Adventures: Sample Combat

This is a mock combat I setup while reading the newly released 
'Dust Adventures', the RPG for the alternative WW2 'Dust' and 'Dust:Tactics' line.
And yes I should have been doing something productive... But here we are... With no more delay, here is our 'protagonist' , a physical giant of a man, albeit not the brightest:
Micky O’Mally Background: Urban (Brooklyn) Branch: Ranger/Commando/War Hero
Characteristics: Mobility: 2Physique: 4Mind: 1            Presence: 2 Movement: 6Initiative: 3Capacity: 6Armour 0
Skills: Athletics 2,Attack:Firearms 3(Shotgun 3), Attack:Melee 3(Knives:3),Awareness 2, Black Ops 1 (Stealth 1, Disguise 1), Interaction 1, Medic 1(First Aid 1), Pilot 1, Special Ability 1, Survival 2 (Navigate 1)
Special Ability: First Strike 1

Savage Worlds: Wounding and Shaking... Oh My!

One of the things that is always a challenge for me with Savage Worlds after stepping away from it for awhile is the damage model.

Characters can be:

1. Healthy
2. One Wound
3. Two Wounds
4. Three Wounds
5. Worm food
1-4 of the above plus being 'Shaken'

What is Shaken?
Shaken is a catch-all state that can simulate having the wind knocked out of you, a terrible insult
about your ancestry hitting home or a moment of absolute terror.

Example:Gandalf  is facing a Balrog. Balrogs are creatures of primordial terror, but with severe self confidence issues.
Gandalf yells "You Shall Not Pass!" at the Balrog and makes a successful Taunt roll as he understands the Balrog's deep seated psychological issues and intentionally avoids including a trigger warning when he shouts at it.
The Balrog, its self confidence thrown into a downward spiral of self doubt due to Gandalf's stating that the Balrgo was incapable of performing its basic function of passing through and killing …