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Star Wars Savage Worlds... Fight!

So cobbling together some of my previous ideas about using Savage Worlds for Star Wars… (And yes there a bazillion other conversions, I just wanted something simpler)
Example Novice Jedi:
Kahma Orikko
Kahma was orphaned on Coruscant when his Jedi parents were killed when ‘Order 66’ was executed. He has managed to survive in the shadows along with a small number of other half-trained Jedi.
AGILITY: d6     SMARTS: d6     STRENGTH: d6    SPIRIT: d6     VIGOR: d6 PACE: 6  TOUGH: 6(1)   PARRY: 6 with lightsaber
Edges: Arcane Background: Light Side Lightsaber Forms
Hindrances: Wanted(Major): For being a Jedi
Powers: Telekinesis, Boost Trait, Entangle
Skills: Force: d6 Light Side: d4 Fighting: d6 Shooting: d6 Streetwise: d6 Stealth: d6 Climbing: d4 Persuasion: d4 Notice: d6
Equipment: Lightsaber (STR+d8+2, AP 12, HW) , Blaster Pistol (12/24/48 2d6 Dam, Shots 100, Semi-Auto, ROF 1), Heavy Clothes (+1)
Kahma was to meet a contact on the lower levels about getting transport for he and his comrades offworld. Unf…

Setting Idea for Shadow of the Demon Lord

The skies are a leaden gray as the ancient factories belch forth never ending streams of  smoke and gas. The natural world was conquered ages ago, plowed under with the promises  of progress and plenty.
The People were pleased.
Over time, the changes wrought to the world were in turn wrought upon the People, changing  them, some would say disfiguring them to better endure the now wretched air and poisoned waters.
The People were unsure.
Not all changed as some of the People maintained their original form, which forced them to flee to the few untouched areas of the world or die from the poisoned fruits of industry.
The People were divided.
The Orc prospered, living short but 'interesting' lives in the heart of the industrialized sprawl, finding beauty in the sickly unnatural hues of the daytime sky, and the lifeless grey metal leviathans of skyscrapers reaching towards the sky, ancient factories serving a long forgotten purpose, and the rat's nest of clockwork railways stitchin…

Dust Adventures: Sample Combat

This is a mock combat I setup while reading the newly released 
'Dust Adventures', the RPG for the alternative WW2 'Dust' and 'Dust:Tactics' line.
And yes I should have been doing something productive... But here we are... With no more delay, here is our 'protagonist' , a physical giant of a man, albeit not the brightest:
Micky O’Mally Background: Urban (Brooklyn) Branch: Ranger/Commando/War Hero
Characteristics: Mobility: 2Physique: 4Mind: 1            Presence: 2 Movement: 6Initiative: 3Capacity: 6Armour 0
Skills: Athletics 2,Attack:Firearms 3(Shotgun 3), Attack:Melee 3(Knives:3),Awareness 2, Black Ops 1 (Stealth 1, Disguise 1), Interaction 1, Medic 1(First Aid 1), Pilot 1, Special Ability 1, Survival 2 (Navigate 1)
Special Ability: First Strike 1

Savage Worlds: Wounding and Shaking... Oh My!

One of the things that is always a challenge for me with Savage Worlds after stepping away from it for awhile is the damage model.

Characters can be:

1. Healthy
2. One Wound
3. Two Wounds
4. Three Wounds
5. Worm food
1-4 of the above plus being 'Shaken'

What is Shaken?
Shaken is a catch-all state that can simulate having the wind knocked out of you, a terrible insult
about your ancestry hitting home or a moment of absolute terror.

Example:Gandalf  is facing a Balrog. Balrogs are creatures of primordial terror, but with severe self confidence issues.
Gandalf yells "You Shall Not Pass!" at the Balrog and makes a successful Taunt roll as he understands the Balrog's deep seated psychological issues and intentionally avoids including a trigger warning when he shouts at it.
The Balrog, its self confidence thrown into a downward spiral of self doubt due to Gandalf's stating that the Balrgo was incapable of performing its basic function of passing through and killing …

Let's Make a Character: Shadow of the Demon Lord Part III

When we left off, Amanda Crowley had gone from a precocious teen cult member to a full blown mistress of the Dark Arts and assassination.

She is starting to manifest some physical signs of her corruption as well...

Name: Amanda Crowley
Ancestry: Human Novice: Magician Expert: Assassin
Wealth: Comfortable
Level: 5
Strength 9(-1), Agility 11(+0),Intellect 13(+3), Will 12(+12)
Perception 14, Defense 11, Health 18, Healing Rate 4
Size 1/2, Speed 10, Power 3, Corruption 3
Languages: Common, Dark Speech (Literate)
Professions: Charlatan, Scholar: Occult
Magic:  Necromancy*: Hide from the Undead(4), Spectral Grasp(4), Grave Grasp(2), Bone Splinters(1), Cannibalize Magic(1) Arcana: Magic Dart(4), Arcane Armor(4) Divination: Eavesdrop(4), Epiphany(4), Truth Ear(1) Misc: Sense Magic(4) Talents: Cantrip, Spell Recovery,Assassinate, Quick Reflexes, Disguise Expertise,Determined,Counterspell Mark of Darkness: Silver Pentagram on Forehead.
Level 6 Assassin:
At level 6 PCs get some more features from their Expert pat…

Let's Make a Character: Shadow of the Demon Lord Part II

The last post covered creating a chipper little 'hero' named Amanda Crowley:

Name: Amanda Crowley
Background:Amanda is a manipulative 14 year old girl that has found her way with a dark cult whose members identify themselves with a tiny idol of a demon carved in green stone. Amanda recently stopped a zealous crusader for the New God from killing one of her fellow cultists, likely saving the cult (for now) from the tender mercies of the Inquisition.
Ancestry: Human
Wealth: Comfortable
Level: 0
Paths: -
Strength 9(-1), Agility 10(+0),Intellect 11(+1), Will 11(+1)
Perception 11, Defense 10, Health 9, Healing Rate 2
Size 1/2, Speed 10, Power 0
Languages: Common, Dark Speech (Literate)
Professions: Charlatan
Magic: -