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Shadow of the Rings: Using Shadow of the Demon Lord for Lord of the Rings

Below is the introduction of a scenario I was going to run for my group taking place in Middle Earth with some substantial lore changes to support Clockwork and a few other items...

The Yule Tide
“In the Second Age of Middle Earth, Celebrimbor crafted the Rings of Power under the deceptive tutelage of Sauron. The Three Rings of the Elves allowed the Eldar to preserve their realms on Middle Earth.
Alas, this was not enough. The Valar repeatedly called the Elves home, both in life and in death. Those who refused the call in death stood to have their spirits enslaved by the Enemy, while those who refused in life would eventually diminish without the power of the Three Rings to protect them. Before his demise, Celebrimbor crafted the Esgal, intricate clockwork forms that could house the spirits of the Avari to protect them from the Enemy after death, and created a means for the Unwilling to forego their immortal, but diminishing forms for a body that would last until the breaking of the worl…