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Genesys RPG

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has recently released a 'generic' implementation of their Star Wars rulesystem called 'Genesys'.

No... 'Genesys'.

Probably clever shorthand for 'Generic System'.

At any rate, the system is nearly identical to the Star Wars system, aside from two areas:

Different Dice (You can use the star wars dice in a pinch.)Specialization 'trees' are gone. The new dice due have more reasonable symbology, but work just the same as they do in Star Wars, sans a Force die.
The change in talent handling will be a welcome change for many, as now talents are bought 'a la carte', with each talent having a 'tier level' that dictates its XP cost, as well as when you may buy it.
When you purchase a talent, the two requirements are:  Enough experience points.After you would add the talent, you have more talents of a lower tier. This effectively creates a 'talent pyramid' akin to the way Fate handles skills. The core book …

Some Campaign Ideas

In no order, here are some campaign ideas I am toying with:

Conan - You were once the leaders of a prosperous mercenary company. All of that fell apart in the vast desert of Shem. You escaped your last job with a few of your comrades, a potential new patron from the dark heart of Stygia in tow and a hard earned understanding of ghouls. Your band is in the desert, low on supplies as another storm threatens.   In the distance, the crumbling ruins of a city appear to offer shelter from the coming storm.
Infinity - One of the perks of working for O-12 is that your downtime is usually quite comfortable, as your current resort accommodations will attest. When you notice that several other members of O-12 that you have worked with in the past are also on ‘vacation’ here it doesn’t take long before you realize that this is probably an assignment. The bomb blast that tears through the hotel restaurant that evening both confirms that suspicion, and makes room service a bit more difficult.

SWN Firefly Episode 1, Part 3

The Sisters looked concerned.

The Alliance officer seated across the table from them stood out like a sore thumb in his ‘disguise’. If he had strolled into the bar in full military regalia it would have been less obvious who he was.

Perhaps that was the point, and he wanted the locals to know who the Sisters were involved with.
Perhaps this was a message.

Perhaps he was an idiot.

Either way he was displeased.

“You put a 500k bounty on an IPN boat? This was supposed to be discrete…” he said, staring at both of the Sisters in a manner that would normally get other players a quick trip 6 feet down.

They were patient.

“You saw the security feeds just as we did”, stated one of the Sisters, eyes unblinking as she stared back at the Alliance officer.

“Our ship had remote hacked into the facility before Allen’s lackeys arrived on the scene, those… things tore through their ship’s doctor in seconds, and one of them apparently survived an EVA with no suit and boarded their ship as they departed… with t…

SWN Firefly Episode 1, Part 2

Allen Al-Khan, with some brief attempts at humor that fall stunningly flat, explains the ‘opportunity’ that she has for the crew:
In the outer system a facility exists that tended to the needs of wealthy and elite families that required discrete care for family members. This facility was also allegedly equipped with the latest in Alliance tech.
For reasons unknown, there is an open contract on demolishing the facility in question which she has accepted, and the crew’s cut would come to 150,000 credits.
Problem: The location of said facility is unknown.
Solution: A former medical professional who worked at the facility, named Sai-Jin knows its whereabouts and is on Algol.
Problem: She is attempting to sell herself into slavery.
Double Problem: Two closed contracts exist for her termination. One of the parties that is trying to fulfill the contract is a low-quality outfit, the other is an unknown, but highly effective individual operator.

Time is of the essence, as their source of informatio…

SWN Firefly. Episode 1 Part 1

Today is Freedom Day, celebrating the mostly successful efforts of the Independent Planets to win the right of self rule ten years ago. Relations with the Alliance remain tense, and the very nature of the Independent Planets ensures internal clashes as well.
Jayne is acting captain, as Mal and Book both departed in a hurry to find where RIver had run off to. Mal paused briefly to place Jayne in command, much to everyone’s surprise.
Zoe just shook her head sadly, Mal surely had his reasons, and quite possibly they were not all that well thought out.
They were a ‘Naval’ crew, however in the Independent Planets mold which meant each ship was effectively a privateer during peacetime, and would only assemble in small cadres to fight if needed, and if the captains agreed. This cadre model worked well against the Alliance (who preferred ‘terrorist cell’ to ‘naval cadre’ who could afford to field cruisers and the like where the IPN was working with patrol boats and repurposed freighters.
The IPN d…

Gencon 50 Day 1, Part 1

This year I arrived in Indy a day early (Wednesday night instead of Thursday night) anticipating
the first Gencon where I could experience all 4 days of the convention for the first time.

That wouldn't happen this year.

At any rate, after getting up nice and early, throwing down the following nutritious breakfast:

I headed to my first game.

System: The Dark Eye
Duration: 2 Hours
Character: Blessed One of Rondra 

This was setup as an introduction to 'The Dark Eye', which is Germany's dominant RPG in various incarnations over the last couple of decades. The newest edition was also Kickstarted for an English language version as well and seems to be doing fairly well judging by Kickstarter results.

The system itself is moderately crunchy, with a huge amount of work front-loaded during character creation. Characters do not have classes, but are based on 'point buy' with additions/subtractions by choosing various advantages and disadvantages (ex. My character was prone…

Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of

So tonight I wanted to see how combat in the new Conan RPG.

Maeve is considered to be the the PC, while Edric is a 'Nemesis' NPC (An NPC that uses the full rules that apply to PCs, in a similar fashion to Wildcards and Extras in Savage Worlds.)

(These are also the characters found in the free Quickstart that can be found here.)

Maeve saw Edric enter the clearing, he was expecting him to make his move quickly, while the bounty on Maeve's head was 'fresh'. Maeve had his bow at hand, and had a decent amount of range between him and Edric which should allow him at least a few shots before the grizzled Nemedian mercenary could close the distance.

Both Maeve and Edric start this conflict aware of each other, and at Long distance. Unfortunately for Maeve their is no 'interesting' terrain between him and Edric. Maeve has three 'Fortune' points, and the GM has 3 Doom points to start. Unless the GM pays for it, PCs go first.

Knowing that he needs to make this …

Hommlet and Surrounds

What is currently 'known' with regards to Hommlet(t) and its surrounding area.

A few notes:

There is a river that runs roughly parallel and to the south of the Eastern Road. On the other side of this is a magical field of an indeterminate nature that appears to extend overhead as well. The current size and expanse of this field is unknown.The Hexes are about 6 miles across.ElfHolme has an awesome buffet.

Hommlet Ep.3: Can't make a Hommlet without breaking a few eggs...

Airaborne bolted from the castle as soon as he could, making his way through the forest in pursuit of Lankershem.

Just as he was about to skirt a clearing, he heard Elvish voices, moving closers he saw four elves kneeling over another elf whom they have restrained.

"Do not fear, brother!" Said one elf as he plunged a dagger into the heart of the one they were restraining.

The only sound that followed was the stabbed elf thanking his brothers, and that he could now remember.

Well not quite the only sound... Airaborne had taken an involuntary step back, creating a loud crunching sound as he stepped on a stick.

The elves turned menacingly in his direction as let fly an arrow at the elf holding the dagger before racing back into the forest to evade them.


"Milady, Mayor Muchausan has requested your presence in the morning." Said the overly enthusiastic guard.

"Perhaps you and your pet goblin would care to adjourn for the evening at the inn?"

(S)Elfie was cros…

Hommlet Ep.2: Finger Food

awk·ward ˈôkwərd/ adjective 1. causing difficulty; hard to do or deal with.
"It is really awkward when the undead cat that was in your party turns out to have been part of a plan, instituted by a dark power, to steal the body of the Great Druid to bring about the potential re-ending of the world."

Grumm the Bugbear Monk and Acolyte

As Burbank is removed from the throne room for questioning, (S)elfie proceeds to gaslight the guard into believing that Lankershem is in fact, a nice kitty who may have some small personality issues. 
The Empress performs the royal version of a facepalm.
While this is ongoing, the Bugbear monk, Grumm notes that the kitty was probably just hungry, as he is quite hungry as well. The Royal Chef looks horrified upon hearing this and directs Grumm to the door marked 'refuse', which she assures him is Elvish for 'buffet'.
This provokes accusations of racism, which summons forth the Royal Sensitivity Tr…