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Let's Make a Character: Shadow of the Demon Lord Part III

When we left off, Amanda Crowley had gone from a precocious teen cult member to a full blown mistress of the Dark Arts and assassination.

She is starting to manifest some physical signs of her corruption as well...

Name: Amanda Crowley
Ancestry: Human Novice: Magician Expert: Assassin
Wealth: Comfortable
Level: 5
Strength 9(-1), Agility 11(+0),Intellect 13(+3), Will 12(+12)
Perception 14, Defense 11, Health 18, Healing Rate 4
Size 1/2, Speed 10, Power 3, Corruption 3
Languages: Common, Dark Speech (Literate)
Professions: Charlatan, Scholar: Occult
Magic:  Necromancy*: Hide from the Undead(4), Spectral Grasp(4), Grave Grasp(2), Bone Splinters(1), Cannibalize Magic(1) Arcana: Magic Dart(4), Arcane Armor(4) Divination: Eavesdrop(4), Epiphany(4), Truth Ear(1) Misc: Sense Magic(4) Talents: Cantrip, Spell Recovery,Assassinate, Quick Reflexes, Disguise Expertise,Determined,Counterspell Mark of Darkness: Silver Pentagram on Forehead.
Level 6 Assassin:
At level 6 PCs get some more features from their Expert pat…

Let's Make a Character: Shadow of the Demon Lord Part II

The last post covered creating a chipper little 'hero' named Amanda Crowley:

Name: Amanda Crowley
Background:Amanda is a manipulative 14 year old girl that has found her way with a dark cult whose members identify themselves with a tiny idol of a demon carved in green stone. Amanda recently stopped a zealous crusader for the New God from killing one of her fellow cultists, likely saving the cult (for now) from the tender mercies of the Inquisition.
Ancestry: Human
Wealth: Comfortable
Level: 0
Paths: -
Strength 9(-1), Agility 10(+0),Intellect 11(+1), Will 11(+1)
Perception 11, Defense 10, Health 9, Healing Rate 2
Size 1/2, Speed 10, Power 0
Languages: Common, Dark Speech (Literate)
Professions: Charlatan
Magic: -