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All Quiet on the Hommlet Front

Hommlet is a sleepy little village. Aside from the orcs burning down the 'bad part of town' 6 months ago, the elf cultists burning it down again yesterday and another elf 'oracle' prognosticating words of doom to all who would listen, it is quite a lovely place to pass your days.

Four brave and perhaps highly expendable adventurers have been summoned to the sinister home of the town cat lady.

Our characters:

Burbank, the Hobbit Halfling Paladin and local Folk Hero
Princess (S)Elfie, the Elf Bard and Princess of Hommlet
Airaborne the Half-Elven Ranger and former urchin
Axel, the Goblin Rogue and wanted criminal

The cat lady has lived in Hommlet as long as anyone can remember, and has demonstrated preternatural insight into threats to the village as well innovative veterinary techniques.

Stepping bravely into the home, the party is greeted by a ravishing young woman sitting in a rocking chair petting a cat... Princess and Airaborne both note that some of the cat's flesh appe…