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The First Voyage of the Fool's Errand

Our Brave Crew:
Aerik, the Serran scout. Kavyr, the Aurax security specialist Thinkbug, the insectoid psychic S.A.M: The Shipboard Autonymous Mechanic Dak Ralter: The new guy enthusiastic pilot.

After an incident involving the loss of their previous ship, along with its pilot and perhaps everyone else, the remaining members of JC Expeditionary Team #45AP09 receive a very detailed and information rich set of new orders:
JumpCorp Deployment Orders:
To: JC Expeditionary Team #45AP09 Subject: Extended Scout System HD 1989 Danger: --Redacted-- High First Contact: --Redacted--- Negative
In conjunction with Expeditionary Team #46WW32, you are to depart port with due haste, utilizing a JumpCorp Long Range Scout.
On arrival in system, your team is tasked with identification/evaluation of exploitable resources on the one world believed to be present in the star's bio-sphere.
Team #46WW32 is tasked with deployment of a hyperspace nav-beacon on arrival, and then will sync up with your team.

Gencon 2016 Game Detail

Title: To the Victor Goes Oblivion


"The battle lasted 5 days. 5 days of blood, 5 days of fear, 5 days of carnage. All for the sake of 5 brothers fighting for the throne of their father, the Emperor, who was the 5th of his Dynastic Line. The Lord that was leading your army has succumbed to the bloody dysentery that ravaged your fellows the day after the final sword strokes fell on the last army to oppose you. The field is strewn with the dead as far as the eye can see; their faces frozen in the light of the blood moon. Ahead of you, the gates of the Imperial City, Asham Sharrak, lie open; breached by you and your brothers and sisters at arms shortly before the illness claimed them."

The Captain puts down his quill and shows his work to the scowling Kleshite peering over his shoulder.

"Aye, those are words... Written by a useless tit of a leader trying to get the few of us left in Gold Hand's Company to throw ourselves into the meat-grinder one last time,&q…