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Edition Wars

My brief impression(s) of the different DnD like games in circulation:

Dungeon Crawl Classics: 1st edition with critical hit charts, murderous meatgrinder with probably my favorite magic system of the bunch. A bit lacking on customization however.

13th Age: DnD with freeform skills, the good parts of 4th edition and the death of counting squares on a battlemat. Great for epic craziness, and you get the character you want at 1st level.

5th Edition: Letter of apology for most of 3rd and all of 4th edition. Some 'modern' additions such as character backgrounds and 'inspiration. Very streamlined and more lethal.  Tiefling Warlock who was an Entertainer that has a  Pact with the Great Old Ones is an option...

Pathfinder: Do you hate people and have severe OCD? Did you enjoy filling out your taxes? Do you enjoy the illusion of options that you can't really use without being derided for making a sub-optimal character?  Here ya go. As time allows (which …