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Hommlet and DungeonWorld

So like many times, I found the story we started to build with Dungeon World to be interesting and quite game-able, but the system itself was light for my tastes, so much so that it bordered on 'magic tea party' at times in terms of system support.

That being said, Dungeon World itself is a fantastic read for GM advice, how to generate a world, character bonds and many other elements that are completely divorced from the mechanics presented.

So what would I run 'Hommlet' with in the future?

It would probably come to down to Savage Worlds(Using Shaintar), Cypher System, Fantasy Age or 13th Age. (Maybe Shadow of the Demon Lord...)

Let's start with how Gaston! and Nick would look in Fantasy Age:

Fantasy AGE is a class and level , slow health attrition system similar to D&D but with 3d6 for all test rolls and damage expressed in d6s.

There are three classes availabe: Warrior, Rogue and Mage. These are fairly broad classes, one could for example make a viable Range…

Payback for the Fools

The crew was not expecting to find human livestock, nor were they expecting to find a trio of robots emerge from the forest to abscond with the only child that they had seen in the ‘settlement’.
Aerik cautiously followed the robots, as did the rest of the crew, not wanting to endanger themselves more than necessary for the sake of a mere infant.
The crew was in close pursuit when SAM noted the presence of several humanoid lifesigns in the forest. It appeared they had taken up poorly planned ambush positions, so the crew decided to see what happened next.
Violence happened next.
After several volleys of outdated ballistic weapons fire, energy weapon blasts and up close and personal cutlery work, the robots were disabled or destroyed, one of the humanoids (an actual human) lay dead and a Tanzanian named  K’Vak presented himself to the crew as the only survivor of the scoutship that had been shot down the year prior. K’Vak also claimed to be the one training the remaining humans hid…

There’s No Place Like Hommlet (Dungeon World AP)


Nick the Ranger (and the amazing Willie the Rat) Gaston! The Fighter
Grin and Bear It

Nick and Gaston were running. The forest, in the form of giant ambulatory trees, had been chasing them for miles. Looking back they noted that only one tree appeared to still be in pursuit, so gaston jumped back swiping his scimitar into its trunk, illiciting a sap-curdling scream from the Treant.

Nick had little respect for Gaston, as Gaston had little respect for nature. However Gaston did kill the legendary bear of Black Briar, saving his life in the process. (The bear’s corpse turned into an elf after it was killed, indicating there could be future complications.)

Nick somehow managed to convince the Treant that everyone involved would be better off if they stopped fighting and went their seperate ways. The Treant agreed, and Gaston climbed a tree to see where they were in the forest and was rewarded with the sight of Hommlet burning… again.

Returning to the hamlet of Hommlet, our dynamic duo…