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Symbaroum Combat Test

The Setup
Kvarek the Mercenary, Bartala the Magician and Ansel the priest find themselves beset by four 'self taught' Witchhunters who mistakenly believe them to be in the service of abominations:
Accurate:10 Cunning 10 Discreet 5 Persuasive 7 Quick 9 Resolute 15 Strong 11 Vigilant 13 Crossbow 5, Axe 4, Chainmail 3 Defense +3 Shield Tough 11, Pain 6
Initiative is set by order of Quickness
1.Kvarek 2.Bartala 3.Ansel 4.The Witchhunters
In a round, each character may perform one movement action and one combat action. The combat action may be replaced by another movement action as well. Reactions (free attacks, defense and the like) occur as often as needed.

Round 1
Kvarek draws his sword and shield and moves to engage two of the Witchhunters (two are on each side of the road, and this takes two actions: one move, and one to ready his weapons)
Bartala smiles grimly while muttering an incantation and extends her hand towards one of the witchhunters on the other side of the road and …