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Coriolis: Combat

The job did not go quite as planned. Amal and Jayun walked briskly through the bazzar, well aware that they had at least three of Kabdullah's employees in 'casual pursuit'.
Amal nods towards an alley quitely stating that 'it would be better to get this done now, on our terms...'
"Boy, it sure would be nice if we had some grenades, don't you think?" said Jayun, prompting Amal to point to the frag grenade on Jayun's bandoleer as he rolled his eyes.
 Quickly turning into the the alley, they picked up their pace, Kabdullah's henchmen abandoning the casual part of their pursuit to follow. As the thugs entered the alley they saw Jayun and Amal casually leaning against the buildings on either side of the alleyway looking at them, Jayun playfully tossing a grenade between his hands and Amal with an accelerator pistol casually pointed in their direction.
"We gonna do this, or are you just gonna stare?" said Jayun with a smile that didn't …

Coriolis: The Crew of the Kerm-e Shabtaab Part III

And now to round out the roster of this entirely not ripped off from Firefly crew...

Saman Turan is a Scientist/Medicurg from a very Privileged upbringing. His Concept skills are Medicurgy, Manipulation, Observation and Science. His Key Attribute is Wits. He also gains a +1 to his Reputation due to the prestige of his profession.

Upbringing: Privileged. He was afforded every social advantage which he utilized not only to gain access to the best schools, but also to free his sister.
Appearance:  Face: Curious eyes and Clothing: Fancy Djellaba
Talents: Wealthy Family (+2 to Manipulation when you use rumors of your Family's wealth where applicable.)
Personal Problem: You put the welfare of your sister before the crew.
Relationships: We would establish that after the other PCs are created
Gear: Communicator [III], computer, database, medikit, Tools [Advanced]
Attributes:  Strength: 2 Agility: 2 Wits: 5 Empathy: 4 Hit Points: 4  Mind Points: 8 Reputation: 7 Birr: 5000
Skills: Medicurg…

Coriolis: The Crew of the Kerm-e Shabtaab Part II

We continue the development of our entirely original crew concept today with the introduction of
two more crew members, N'nara Al'Sarra the worldly courtesan, and Kohinoor the much less worldly engineer.

N'nara is the epitome of the Artist/Courtesan. She will start with Concept skills in Manipulation, Culture, Dexterity and Observation. Her key attribute is Empathy, and her reputation is boosted by 1.

Upbringing: Privileged. Being a Courtesan encompasses far more than the baser pleasures, but also encompasses the formal and informal rituals found in 'high society'. N'nara starts with a Reputation of 6 for beng Privileged, adding 1 for her concept, N'nara starts with a Reputation of 7, significantly more important in the eyes of the Third Horizon than the likes of Jayun.
Appearance: we will choose Face: Bedroom eyes and Clothing: Swirling skirts
Talents: Seductive (+2 to Manipulation when trying to achieve something through seduction)
Personal Problem: You have…

Coriolis: The Crew of the Kerm-e Shabtaab Part I

For character creation, Coriolis first has you define your group concept, your ship, your group talent, your patron and your nemesis.
Let’s start by creating an entirely original concept of a rag-tag band of ‘free traders’ crewing a transport named the ‘Kerm-e Shabtaab’. Their ship construction, debt, talent, patron and nemesis that shows a predilection for blue handwear can be discussed later.
Our first character will be thug of questionable loyalty, with a fondness for knitted goods sent to him by his mother. As we are making a ‘completely original character’ in the Coriolis universe, we shall name him Jayun Al-Cobb.

Choose a concept: Jayun is clearly a Fugitive with the Sub-Concept of Criminal. This puts his concept skills as Force, Melee, Dexterity and Infiltration. Mechanically this means he can spend up to three points on each of these at creation time, and one on any others. He also loses 2 reputation right out of the gate. Upbringing: Plebeian, Jayun did not grow up with many ame…