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World Building: Exodus, What is Known...

What is known
"The Enemy was unstoppable. Waves of chaos spawn rolled over the continent, killing the lucky and 'absorbing' those unlucky enough to survive.
The older races: the Elves and the Dwarves sealed themselves off from the world and left the younger races to their fate. The Elves watched from within their eldritch forests as the world burned and millions died, but found only inspiration for their art, prose for their poetry, and new songs from the screams of a dying world. The dwarves sealed themselves inside their cyclopean mountain fortresses, abandoning a surface world that had rarely held their interest for long.
The deceptive Goblins and the bloody-minded Orcs found common cause at last with their perennial enemies the Humans, who were unmatched by either in the arts of deception and bloodshed. These former enemies slowed the advance, but only long enough for their people to continue the slow retreat westward.
As the masses ran, and the soldiers fought, sorcerers…