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Actor Summary:
Codename White: Dr Augustus Freemind, former SECTOR operative burned after -REDACTED-, believed to be one of the current ‘Primaries’ of SPECTRUM Codename Red: Chandra Guile, Unknown Military Background Codename Green: -REDACTED PENDING NOTIFICATION OF NEXT OF KIN-
<WHITE> I would call the San Diego operation more than a mere setback Green, what was supposed to be SPECTRUM’s triumphant emergence onto the world stage has become an embarrassment of global proportions.
<RED> I haven’t been briefed on the operation…
<GREEN> We used the Broker’s auction to lure in a number of organizations that have so far… resisted our efforts to absorb their operations. Unfortunately some SECTOR operatives infiltrated the auction, uncovered the location of the bomb, and disarmed it.
<RED> Do we have their files? I’m assuming we are going to eliminate these agents, their families, friends… The usual?
<WHITE> We know who the…

About Reign

Digging things up from ages ago, here is an overview of Reign (specifically the Enchiridion) by Greg Stolze. Now that Ive actually run a ton of differnt systems over the past four years I would like to revisit this at somepoint with 'lessons learned' since that time.
The Enchiridion is the 'setting neutral' version of the fantasy rules found in the RPG Reign by Greg Stolze.
The Enchiridion provides the usual tools needed to run a typical sword & sorcery or high fantasy campaign, but it is VERY well suited for play as the 'movers and shakers' of the world... Why just be the humble Paladin when you can run an entire Knightly Order?

Mechanically, the system uses a die-pool of d10s, at its most simple, you roll the appropriate number of dice, and look for sets: width indicates speed, height indicates quality.

What this means in play is that EVERYONE rolls once for an action, and that roll determines degree of success/failure as well as who goes first which is proba…