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Time to kill the character that we just made...

And the FATE Freeport Version...

Valeria, 13th Age Version Character Sheet

The Celestial Empire and the Green and the Gold

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What is a campaign without a map?

In the spirit of Gamer ADD, we now play D&D, instead of Covert Ops...

Covert Ops Session 3: "The Best Laid Plans of... GRENADE!!!!"

COVERT OPS, Episode 2.5:"Knock Knock... Who's there? Painful Gunshot Trauma."

COVERT OPS, Episode 2: "What is Nigerian For 'They threw us under a ****ing bus?"

COVERT OPS, Episode 1.5: "Oklahoma!(Seriously we are in Oklahoma...)"

COVERT OPS, Episode 1: "A cop, a pilot and a conman walk into a plane..."