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Interface Zero Campaign Recap... Random notes from our old campaign prior to starting up IZ 2.0

Missing quite a few entries and in dire need of editing, this covers our initial IZ campaign from 2012 or so,

Simon was working... Or rather waiting for work at his office located above a 7-11 in seedy Downer's grove when the message arrived.

All the message contained was an address, a promise of a reward and a note that time was of the essence.

Flipping through his virtual planner, and noting that the only items on his schedule were potential utility cutoffs, Simon contacted a mob enforcer known as Zeb and asked if he would be willing to tag along.

After an uneventful cab ride with Zeb and Zeb's rifle Edna, the cabbie dropped the pair off in an apparently abandoned outlying neighborhood in Downer's grove. Simon noted the lack of any hyper objects on the seemingly abandoned two-flat that matched the address in the cryptic message. This building had no apparent presence in Augmented Reality whatsoever, which in 2088 is rare indeed.

Zeb immediately noticed a couple of other item…