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Racial write-ups for Savage Worlds: The Humans

When the Eternal Emperor broke the Celestial Order, he set in motion not just the destruction of an Empire and the sundering of the Elves, but also the birth of a new race.

While it is often rumored that the Dragonborn originated from the dalliances of Elves and Dragons, the humans began when the previously 'safe' pairings of different races suddenly began to yield offspring... the Humans.

What started as a curiousity, led to great embarrassment and eventually attempted genocide.

The Elves in particular viewed this new race as a constant reminder of their failing, the Eternal Emperor in particular took it upon himself to kill as many as he could, but humans were very adaptable and compared to the Elves, they bred very rapidly.

Like the Dragonborn would do later, a large number of Humans embarked on a 'diaspora' over the seas to the west to escape the constant attacks, while the remainder fled into the wilderness, surviving in small communities and raiding the settle…