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Star Wars Savage Worlds... Fight!

So cobbling together some of my previous ideas about using Savage Worlds for Star Wars… (And yes there a bazillion other conversions, I just wanted something simpler)
Example Novice Jedi:
Kahma Orikko
Kahma was orphaned on Coruscant when his Jedi parents were killed when ‘Order 66’ was executed. He has managed to survive in the shadows along with a small number of other half-trained Jedi.
AGILITY: d6     SMARTS: d6     STRENGTH: d6    SPIRIT: d6     VIGOR: d6 PACE: 6  TOUGH: 6(1)   PARRY: 6 with lightsaber
Edges: Arcane Background: Light Side Lightsaber Forms
Hindrances: Wanted(Major): For being a Jedi
Powers: Telekinesis, Boost Trait, Entangle
Skills: Force: d6 Light Side: d4 Fighting: d6 Shooting: d6 Streetwise: d6 Stealth: d6 Climbing: d4 Persuasion: d4 Notice: d6
Equipment: Lightsaber (STR+d8+2, AP 12, HW) , Blaster Pistol (12/24/48 2d6 Dam, Shots 100, Semi-Auto, ROF 1), Heavy Clothes (+1)
Kahma was to meet a contact on the lower levels about getting transport for he and his comrades offworld. Unf…

Setting Idea for Shadow of the Demon Lord

The skies are a leaden gray as the ancient factories belch forth never ending streams of  smoke and gas. The natural world was conquered ages ago, plowed under with the promises  of progress and plenty.
The People were pleased.
Over time, the changes wrought to the world were in turn wrought upon the People, changing  them, some would say disfiguring them to better endure the now wretched air and poisoned waters.
The People were unsure.
Not all changed as some of the People maintained their original form, which forced them to flee to the few untouched areas of the world or die from the poisoned fruits of industry.
The People were divided.
The Orc prospered, living short but 'interesting' lives in the heart of the industrialized sprawl, finding beauty in the sickly unnatural hues of the daytime sky, and the lifeless grey metal leviathans of skyscrapers reaching towards the sky, ancient factories serving a long forgotten purpose, and the rat's nest of clockwork railways stitchin…