Monday, August 3, 2015

Cypher System Rulebook: Let's make a Jedi! (TM)

Cypher System Rulebook

So one of my purchases this past weekend at Gencon was the 'Cypher System' rulebook from Monte Cook Games.

If you are familiar with Numenera, or The Strange then you already know the system, this book aims to allow you to use the rules for most any genre game.

Cypher system has four main 'types' for PCs:

Warrior: From knights to Space Marines.
Adept: Mages, psions etc.
Explorer: Skills focused.
Speaker: BS artists.

Additionally there are five 'flavors' one case mingle into each type:
Stealth: Add to Warrior to make Solid Snake.
Technology: Technowizard?
Magic: Con artist with some spells.
Combat: Gun toting xeno-biologist.
Skills and Technology: Space Marines need to be able to fix their power armor yes?

So with this in mind, I wanted to take a swipe at creating a Jedi type. In this case I am starting with and Adept, and giving it Combat flavor. (I am also only noting the substitutions)

Sith/Jedi Type for Cypher System
Danger Sense  - Replaces Sculpt Flesh
Practiced with Light and Medium Weapons - Replaces Practiced with Light Weapons

Thrust - Replaces Flash
Trained Without Armor - Replaces Reveal

Skill With Attacks - Replaces Adroit Cypher Use
Skill With Defense - Replaces Targeting Eye

Daring Escape - Replaces Exile

Hard target - Replaces Teleportation
Parry - Replaces Master Cypher Use

Greater Skill with Attacks - Replaces Usurp Cypher
Greater Skill with Defense - Replaces Traverse Worlds

So how do we deal with the eternal struggle between the Dark and the Light side? The temptation of power for its own sake?

Well for now I am going to just say pick either Jedi or Sith, and modify your descriptor as follows.

Inability for Offensive Force Powers
Trained Defensive Force Powers

Inability for Defensive Force Powers
Trained for Offensive Force Powers

1x Lightsaber (Exorbitant cost, Heavy weapon that wields as a medium, asset for speed defense, uses speed pool )
1x Robes

Later I will attempt to make an actual character.


  1. Hello Josh, i just crate my Jedi like this, i picked Virtuos Speaker who Focuses Mind Over Matter with flavor in combat. With this build, i can use the force tu buff my self and move stuffs with my mind, make the "These aren't the Droids your looking for" and of course fight. Sorry for my english.

  2. Very nice! Have you tried using it during actual play? I'm curious to see how well the system would run Star Wars at the table...