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There’s No Place Like Hommlet (Dungeon World AP)


Nick the Ranger (and the amazing Willie the Rat)
Gaston! The Fighter

Grin and Bear It

Nick and Gaston were running. The forest, in the form of giant ambulatory trees, had been chasing them for miles. Looking back they noted that only one tree appeared to still be in pursuit, so gaston jumped back swiping his scimitar into its trunk, illiciting a sap-curdling scream from the Treant.

Nick had little respect for Gaston, as Gaston had little respect for nature. However Gaston did kill the legendary bear of Black Briar, saving his life in the process. (The bear’s corpse turned into an elf after it was killed, indicating there could be future complications.)

Nick somehow managed to convince the Treant that everyone involved would be better off if they stopped fighting and went their seperate ways. The Treant agreed, and Gaston climbed a tree to see where they were in the forest and was rewarded with the sight of Hommlet burning… again.

Returning to the hamlet of Hommlet, our dynamic duo enagges in various escapades to save the good folk from burning buildings and murderous elves, Gaston slaying one outright, and then allowing another to flee into the forest.

As is usual, the town militia and Mayor Willie ‘The Weasel’ Waters show up from the ‘good’ part of Hommlet once the danger has passed.

Nick spends the evening helping people to build temporary shelters, while Gaston retreats to Yorak’s in search of answers and Brandy.

Brandy is both a fine drink and the mercurial proprieter of Yorak’s. Brandy also hates Elves, a fact that she relays to Gaston as she is standing not three feet away from a mysterious Elf sitting at a table nearby.

After some introductions it is revealed that his name is Horuk, and the oracle whom he serves has sent him with a warning that a ‘great doom’ will come upon the town. Half of the town being burned to the ground for the second time in a year did not appear to qualify.

Horuk reveals that the Elf that Gaston and Nick had killed in the forest was one of three high ranking members in a mysterious cult in the forest. Unfortunately he was also the ‘reasonable one’ that they were meant to parlay with to avoid impending doom. Horuk notes that if they have access to a necromancer and the head or the jawbone of said elf, all may not be lost.

The Cat Lady

Nick, Gaston and Horuk now journey to the hovel of the Cat Lady as she is rumored to be a dabbler in the dark arts.

The dark shrine of kitty-cat skulls and the undead cat that she has on her lap reinforce some of these negative stereotypes as they enter.

The Cat Lady herself is a comely woman in her twenties, but who speaks with the voice of an old crone.

When asked about her ‘largest work’ with regards to necromancy she notes that she raised armies and conquered a good part of the world centuries ago. This causes Horuk to mutter something about her being ‘Sardohk the Black Lord, long thought defeated centuries ago.

Given the choice of getting aid from the cat lady/Black Lord or checking with Padre Kino, Priest of Chuck the God, the party decided to embrace darkness and set off into the forest to find the remains of the Elf.

The Forest

Q:What do you get when you have one Elf cult magician, six Elf cultists and an interrupted funeral?

A: A fight scene best condensed to a few sentences.

After some Elves being set alight, the forest being set ablaze and Willy the Rat absconding with the severed head of the funeral’s guest of honor, they rapidly retreat towards Hommlet with the Elves in pursuit.


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