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Actor Summary:

Codename White: Dr Augustus Freemind, former SECTOR operative burned after -REDACTED-, believed to be one of the current ‘Primaries’ of SPECTRUM
Codename Red: Chandra Guile, Unknown Military Background


<WHITE> I would call the San Diego operation more than a mere setback Green, what was supposed to be SPECTRUM’s triumphant emergence onto the world stage has become an embarrassment of global proportions.

<RED> I haven’t been briefed on the operation…

<GREEN> We used the Broker’s auction to lure in a number of organizations that have so far… resisted our efforts to absorb their operations. Unfortunately some SECTOR operatives infiltrated the auction, uncovered the location of the bomb, and disarmed it.

<RED> Do we have their files? I’m assuming we are going to eliminate these agents, their families, friends… The usual?

<WHITE> We know who they are. Two of them were nosing around our Nigeria operation a few months back and managed to set off a major international incident. SECTOR is still answering questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee about that.

<RED> How did these agents gain entry to the event then? Surely Hoops… The Broker knew who they were?

<GREEN> They had cash and they claimed to be burned BECAUSE of the said Nigeria operation. Hoops only knew the so-called pilot and that trigger-happy cop… He had no idea that Murry, or Curry or whatever his name is was also SECTOR and that one ended up on his security detail.

<RED> Better choice than using the Secret Dutch Martial Arts Army… Seriously, who uses secret martial arts armies these days?

<WHITE> Given the security footage of how well the Dutch didn’t do against the agents in the elevator using their dead comrades for cover… I would guess there will be fewer employers for those groups. On the plus side they were quite loyal and chose to guard the merchandise to the bitter end, even after it was revealed to be a nuke.

<RED> Who is this?

<GREEN> The cleaning lady? Yeah we don’t know much about her… Fast forward to the part where she tears off her mustache and kills two of the SDMAA guards in one motion… Impressive actually.

<RED> ....Tiffany was there?

<WHITE> Yes, and she escaped with half of the World Crime League delegation that was sent to the auction.

<RED> Half?

<GREEN> Fast forward to the SECTOR apprentice drinking lattes with the ISIS driver in the parking lot.... The two WCL assault transport helicopters came in guns blazing, the kid gets a call presumably from one of the SECTOR agents in the building, the ISIS driver hands him an RPG and watch…

<RED> BAM… wow, but what does that other helicopter do while they are giving each other high-fives?... Oh… I forget what miniguns can do to a person….

<GREEN> And the grand finale… AC-130 Gunship orbiting the hotel turning it to dust as the SECTOR agents escape with the bomb in a box truck.

<RED> How did SECTOR get the intel on the hotel?

<WHITE> We leaked it… Albeit we didn’t expect them to do anything but flounder and die. Their success was… disappointing.

<RED> Yes your reaction on-air was memorable...Why leak it?

<WHITE> To flush out a traitor inside SPECTRUM… Green, would you care for a moment to collect your final thoughts?

<GREEN> ….

(nine shots sound)

<WHITE> Red, you didn’t also have to shoot him like that, that was wasteful… Also I placed the plastic on the floor to catch the bloodsplatter, now I’m going to have a stain there…

<RED> Sorry, old habits…

<WHITE> He has a transmitting device in his right pocket, be a dear and shut it off.



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