Saturday, January 24, 2015

Racial write-ups for Savage Worlds: The Gnome

Gnomes of the Madmuhn

Much as every bard has a 'muse' that brings her inspiration, so too do the gnomes have a "Friend".
The Friend usually manifests itself in relatively benign ways, a vision of a more efficient watermill , a mechanical toy to amuse and delight, or a spell to speak with loved ones who have long since passed.
For some gnomes the Friend is more direct and fills the gnome's ear with whispered promises of great power and secrets to rend the fabric of reality itself.
Those that listen too closely will eventually find that they wish to listen to little else. The watermill becomes a siege engine,the amusing mechanical toy instead becomes a golem bent on destruction, and the spell to speak to those who have passed, instead tears them away from their slumber and forces them into undead servitude.

I’ve got Friends in Low places: Once per session, the gnome may consult with her ‘Friend’ to receive a simple yes or no response to a question. The answer will always be true.
During that same session, the GM may offer a benny to the Gnome to do a ‘favor’ for the friend.
The Gnome may of course decline, but suffers the effects of the ‘Bad Luck’ hindrance until the favor is done.

Ritual Magic: All Gnomes inherently possess the Arcane Background: Ritual Magic.

MacGyver: All Gnomes have the MacGyver edge.
Small: Gnomes are wee little knee biters.

Tidings of Woe: Gnomes are not seen as harbingers of glad tidings and thus have the Outsider hindrance.

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