Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Racial write-ups for Savage Worlds: The Dragonborn


The Dragonborn are bipedal 'draganoids' that stand a good head taller than an average Elf. 

Their precise origin is a matter of some scholarly debate. Some believe them to be the illicit offspring of an elder dragon and an early Emperor of the Celestial Empire, while another school of thought holds that they sprang into being the moment the Old Gods vanished and that the fate of the Gods is directly tied to the Dragonborn.

Whatever the case, Dragonborn are without fail true adherents to Law. Moral constructs such as good or evil interest them as well, but only when viewed through the lens of order. This being the case, they are also not known for a fantastic sense of humor, which has prevented many scholars from probing the Dragonborn directly about their origins.

Regarded by the other races as warriors without peer, their sudden return to the land as 'liberators' from the chaos caused by the Eternal Emperor has been greeted with equal parts elation and terror. 

Breath of the Ancestors: The Dragonborn may immolate,freeze,electrocute or dissolve their enemies depending on their 'breed'

  • Red and Gold Dragonborn may breathe fire as the 'burst' power with the fire trapping for 2pp. The Dragonborn has a pool of 5pp for this purpose that regenerates 1 per hour.
  • White Dragonborn breathe ice, but are otherwise identical to Red Dragonborn.
  • Blue Dragonborn 'breathe' electricity as per the Jet power.
  • Green Dragonborn 'breathe' gobs of acid as the 'blast' power which has a variable cost.
Tall and Proud: Dragonborn are large, their size is +1.

We are the Law: Dragonborn are strict adherents to Order. Even the most vile Dragonborn Villain will not break his word, nor slaughter an unarmed enemy. Honor or at least 'face' must always be preserved.


Strong yet Vulnerable:  Each breed of Dragonborn is resistant to his native element, but vulnerable to its opposite:

  • Red or Gold: +4 vs Heat/Fire, -4 vs Cold/Ice
  • White: +4 vs Cold/Ice, -4 vs Heat/Fire
  • Blue: +4 vs Electricity,-4 vs Acid
  • Green: +4 vs Acid, -4 vs Electricity


  1. So, fleshing out your Savage Worlds worldbook?

  2. What trait do you use for the breath?

    1. Vigor, as it makes sense that an anemic Dragonborn would be a bit less effective with breath weaponry.