Sunday, March 29, 2015

Racial write-ups for Savage Worlds: The Dark Elves

Dark Elves or "Drow"

Although the Dark Elves are in fact elves, they have always been considered a people apart. As was the custom the new Emperor of The Eternal and Changeless Celestial Empire of Tranquility took a Drow to be his bride. 

When he refused to step down at his appointed time and chose instead to break both himself and the Empire to continue his rule, his wife took her people and departed for a domain far under the earth and out of his grasp.  The Emperor’s fury at her ‘abandonment’ has led him to focus on the extermination and torment of her people.

This of course led them into conflict with the Dwarves who were in no shape to defend their holdings, the survivors scattering to the winds and the Drow taking their place in the cities under the mountain.

While Drow are regarded by others as a merciless and cruel people, the Drow regard these traits as necessary keys to their continued survival.

Time has taught them that love and sympathy will ultimately only lead to betrayal and exploitation. 


Infravision: Generations of living underground and in the shadows have given the Dark Elves the ability to see with clarity in the darkest places.

Life in the Shadows: Dark Elves live, fight, run and die in the shadows. As a result all Dark Elves begin with a free d6 in Stealth. 

Fairfights are for Fools: Dark Elves strike from the shadows or wherever they hold the advantage. Whenever they strike an opponent who is unaware, whether by blade, bow or spell, they add +2 to the damage roll.


Mercy is No Virtue: Dark Elves do not take prisoners and do not hesitate to resort to horrific means to extract information from their enemies. Dark Elves suffer a -4 Charisma penalty with those who know and do not support their murderous ways.

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