Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fury Road Savage Worlds Style: Mad Max

"Mad" Max Rockatansky Name: "Mad" Max Rockatansky
Race: Human
Rank: Heroic
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Climbing d6, Driving d10+2, Fighting d10, Healing d4, Intimidation d4, Notice d6, Repair d6, Shooting d8, Survival d6
Pace: 6, Parry: 7, Toughness: 6, Charisma: 0, Sanity: 5
Gear: Scattergun (12 g) d8+2 (1-3d6, 5/10/20), Unarmed Strike d10 (Str), Knife (Thrown) d4-2 (Str+d4, 3/6/12), Knife d10 (Str+d4), (16x) Ammo (12 gauge), Backpack, Boots, Geiger Counter, Jacket (Leather)
Special Abilities:
•Delusional (The Dead Are With Me): Believes something strange
•Night Terrors: Make Spirit roll every night or suffer a level of Fatigue.
•Touched: Sanity starts 1 or 2 less than normal
•Ace: +2 Boating, Driving, Piloting; Use Bennies for vehicle soak rolls
•Combat Reflexes: +2 on Spirit roll to recover from Shaken
•Hard to Kill: Ignore wound modifiers on Vigor rolls for Incapacitation
•Harder to Kill: 50% chance of avoiding death
•Improvisational Fighter: Ignore –1 penalty for improvised
•Nerves of Steel: Ignore 1 point of wound penalties
•Steady Hands: Ignore penalty for firing from moving platform
Tracked Resources:
   Ammo (12 gauge) - 16/16
   Bennies - 0/3

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