Sunday, March 5, 2017

Coriolis: A Patron and a Nemesis

Your Patron
Alleen 'Pasha' Al-Khan

Officially, Alleen Al-Khan is the proprietor of 'The Eye of Iblis', a fairly upscale and simultaneously disreputable establishment on Algol known to offer any pain or pleasure for the right right price. Alleen is referred to as 'Pasha' by those who work for or with her, although she holds no formal title that anyone is aware of.

It has been rumored that Pasha has her hands in
many other less pleasant activities across the Third Horizon, or may merely be the face for a larger organization or conspiracy. Whatever the case , she is a highly dangerous enemy, and only a slightly less dangerous friend.
Pasha has 'helped' you obtain a boat of your own. Your mortgage payments will come in the form of a cut of whatever ill-gotten gains you have received as well as periodic 'favors'.
You may of course seek to renegotiate these terms, but few in the Third Horizon seek her financial assistance without fully understanding the consequences.

He Does Not Like You
High General Abassar Duok, The Pillars of Devotion

The Pillars of Devotion believe that the Icons regularly take mortal form, and that these are the 'Pillars' on which a true and holy government must be built upon.
Already quite successful in recruiting large numbers of disgruntled plebeians with naught to lose, the emergence of an entity claiming to be the Judge incarnate lit a fire across the Horizon for this 'army' proving to many desperate rebels and outcasts that this was no heresy, but rather prophecy.
Abassar Duok has taken great pains to present himself as the reluctant warrior, forced to take up arms against oppression only as a last resort.
Those who have faced him however, know that he revels in bloodshed, and if there are two paths to the same victory, he will choose the one with the higher bodycount for both sides... The more dead enemies you have to boast about and the more martyrs to your cause you can praise, the greater the memetic outcome.
Abassar has never proclaimed it, but his followers believe him to be a Pillar, an Icon incarnate, and he does nothing to dissuade them from this belief.

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