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Episode 2.1: A Dwarf Walks Into a Bar...

And walks into the basement...
       And looks for anything out of the ordinary...
          And steps on a trap door under a carpet....
             After rolling a Fumble...
                And the door breaks, dropping Oona the dwarf wrapped in the carpet...
                   Into the the darkness below...

Thus begins episode 2 of our frightfully well planned and not improvised at all D&D 5 campaign.

The 'team' has regrouped at the Burned Inn which Oona now owns by virtue of Skye having scared away the previous owner. Their original intent was to plan their next step in tracking down the Resistance, but Oona's 'discovery' of something beneath the basement may make their job easier.

For now however, only Skye and Frug have taken any notice of her absence. Kras is decidedly distracted when yet another Drow druid by the name of Althaea enters the room with a half-elven cleric name Evendur on her arm, reminiscing about how they first met.

Apparently the city hosting an occupying host of Dragonborn crusaders, a quarter of the city being on fire, and this inn having also recently been on fire had escaped their notice.

Kras and Althaea do know each other, as the pool of Drow druids is unsurprisingly small. For Drow they are on relatively friendly terms, meaning they have as yet not attempted to plot the murder of the other.

While this is going on, Oona has worked her way free from the carpet, finding herself in an eerily lit chamber with two doors. She tries the first one, and Skye descends the stairs just in time to see a very poorly set net drop three feet away from Oona. Skye tries his luck with the other door and finds himself in a room full of long boxes, stacked three high.

Oona and Skye start to explore the room with the boxes while Frug watches from the stairs. Opening one, they see a dead human with the same armband as they had found on the orcs in the Inn.

Skye hears voices from down another hallway, one man angrily exclaiming 'They need three bodies, and they send two of us? How is that going to work?'.

The party takes up position and ambushed the two as they enter the room, making short work of one of them, while managing to keep him alive. His friend, 'Steve' runs back down the hallway to raise the alarm.

With a captive in tow, they quicky ascend the stairs, Frug helping to create a barrier to slow down whatever help 'Steve' brings.

The party burst out of the Inn, the captive being carried by Skye and Oona, with Kras alongside.

Frug and the two newcomers decide to 'act casual' and hang around in the street.

Seven men in 'cultlike' attire emerge from the inn, their leader angrily demands which way the Dragonborn went with his captive. Frug points in the wrong direction, and a few moments later the cultists return, livid.

This time Frug points in the right direction, having bought his teammates some extra time as well as the ire of a cultist.

Skye encounters a pair of Dragonborn on patrol and tells them to take care of his pursuers so he and Oona can get the prisoner to Murk. They salute and move down the street to intercept.

Frug, Evendur and Althaea  begin heading in the direction the cultists went. All soon hear the sounds of fighting, the roar of fire and lightning and the screams of the dying, both human, elven and dragonborn.

Unfortunately they catch up to the cultists just as their leader finishes slitting the throat of the last dragonborn. The other cultists appear to be either dead or dying, but thanks to Evendur quickly tossing one of the flaming cultists into a nearby trough of water, he would be back later to plague the party.

After murdering the dragonborn, the remaining cultist sees the three, and focuses his attention on the gnome who had misdirected him.

At this point, both Althaea and Evendur start to run away and leave Frug to his fate...

End Part 2.1


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