Monday, April 20, 2015

Savage Worlds Star Wars: The Dark Side of the Force

Arcane Background (Dark Side)

"You don't know the power of the dark side." --Vader to Luke

Arcane Skill: Force (Spirit)
Power Points: None. As per 'No Power Points' setting rule, but the penalty is halved as the Dark Side of the Force is faster, but with a heavy cost.
Starting Powers:  3 + Telekinesis
Wild Die: The Wild die for Force powers is not a d6, but the Dark Side skill dice.
Eligible Powers: Armor (Self Only), Barrier, Havoc, Fear, Burst (Electrical), Pummel, Boost Trait (Self Only), Darksight (Self Only), Deflection (Self Only),Divination, Environmental Protection (Self Only), Far Sight (Self Only), Fly (Self Only), Mind Reading, Quickness (Self Only),Speed (Self Only), Warrior's Gift (Self Only)

Backlash: A Sith or other practitioner of the Dark Side who rolls a one on her Force dice, suffers a wound, as the power of the Dark Side consumes her. Or the Sith may redirect this backlash to leave a more permanent mark.

If you roll a critical failure, no wound is incurred, but no choice is given either as the Dark Side exacts its toll from you:

Roll the Dark Side skill (explodes as usual)
1-4) Touched by Darkness - A cosmetic change... Perhaps your eyes are now empty and black, or your fingers become somewhat curled and misshapen. Whatever the case, your Charisma decrease by 1 as your nature slowly becomes evident to those around you. 
5-7) Marked by Corruption - Your countenance is marked by decay, rot or corpulence (pick one). However you managed to hide your nature before, you now reek of darkness.  Your fight skill drops by one die type due to your physical corruption, but your Dark Side die raises one die type. If this pushes you past a d12, you have finally been utterly consumed and spent by the Dark Side.
8-11) Marked by Rage - You are losing your ability to focus on anything but destruction. Step up your Fight skill, but step down your Force skill by one die as the Dark Side begins to use you directly as an implement of destruction. (You may not go below a d4)
12-14) Marked by Madness - You are now even (more) insane. Pick a minor mental disadvantage, or bump a minor up to a major. This insanity detaches you somewhat from the force and your Dark Side die is stepped down one die type. This CAN push you below a d4, at which point your connection to the Force is severed by your insanity. You may regain access to the Light or the Dark side only after your are cured of this madness.
15+) Consumed by the Dark Side - Your Dark Side skill is raised two die types, and you take a wound anyway as the Force eats away at you. If this pushes you past a d12, the Dark Side has finally and utterly consumed you. (i.e. you are dead)

Trappings: Loud and explosive.

"If once you start down the dark path, forever it will dominate your destiny" --Yoda to Luke

Redemption: Aside from madness, the only way to break free of the Dark Side is through the intervention of another Force user, typically a Jedi. The process will most likely claim your life, but save your soul.

(Edit: Also updated the Light Side AB to include the Wild die rule based on Light Side/ Dark Side skill)

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