Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Savage Worlds Star Wars: Lightsabers

For the sake of simplicity, only one edge is required for the features associated with lightsaber combat.
Other edges already exists to 'enhance' your style such as Trademark Weapon, Block, First Strike, Sweep etc. I am not interested in creating an 'experience' sink for Jedi/Sith characters anymore than exists with the varying nature of the Light/Dark Side dice.

Lightsaber Forms 

Requirements: Arcane Background (Light or Dark Side)
This edge encompasses the basic forms and styles of lightsaber combat and provides five major benefits:

  • Parry becomes 1/2 Fight + 1/2 Force + 2 when wielding a lightsaber.
  • Lightsaber Fight rolls use the Force dice as the 'Wild' die instead of the usual d6.
  • Blaster Deflection. The target number to shoot a Jedi/Sith with a lightsaber active becomes the Parry number for non Heavy Weapons. Additionally any non HW energy weapon will hit be deflected back to hit the shooter if the shooter rolls a '1' on the shoot dice and misses.
  • No Self Dismemberment. If you fumble with a lightsaber, and you don't have this edge, really awful things happen.

As to the Lightsaber itself, many varieties exist and I will use the rules on page 18 of the Sci-Fi Companion.

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