Sunday, February 12, 2017

Coriolis: The Crew of the Kerm-e Shabtaab Part I

For character creation, Coriolis first has you define your group concept, your ship, your group talent, your patron and your nemesis.

Let’s start by creating an entirely original concept of a rag-tag band of ‘free traders’ crewing a transport named the ‘Kerm-e Shabtaab’. Their ship construction, debt, talent, patron and nemesis that shows a predilection for blue handwear can be discussed later.

Our first character will be thug of questionable loyalty, with a fondness for knitted goods sent to him by his mother. As we are making a ‘completely original character’ in the Coriolis universe, we shall name him Jayun Al-Cobb.

  • Choose a concept: Jayun is clearly a Fugitive with the Sub-Concept of Criminal. This puts his concept skills as Force, Melee, Dexterity and Infiltration. Mechanically this means he can spend up to three points on each of these at creation time, and one on any others. He also loses 2 reputation right out of the gate.
  • Upbringing: Plebeian, Jayun did not grow up with many amenities, although this leaves him with less skill, birr and reputation, he starts with better attributes.
  • Appearance we will choose Face: Grim stare and Clothing: Colorful knitted hat
  • Talents: Intimidating (Can use Force instead of Manipulate when intimidating someone)
  • Personal Problem: Loyalty is but a payday away.
  • Relationships: We would establish that after the other PCs are created
  • Gear: Anonymous clothing, Communicator [II], Vulcan Carbine (With a name), exo shell, Transactor with fake identifty
  • Attributes:  Strength: 5 Agility: 4 Wits: 3 Empathy: 3 Hit Points: 9  Mind Points: 6 Reputation: 0 Birr: 500 (*RAW Attribute can olnly go to 5 if it is a key attribute in the concept. Fugitive has ‘Empathy’, but Jayun is a Thug, so making the call to make his key attribute Strength instead. He still has quite a bit of empathy and wits, as how else did he not get thrown out of Firefly’s… er Kerm-e Shabtaab’s airlock after backstabbing the crew so many times? )
  • Skills: Force 3 Melee 3 Dexterity 1 Ranged 1
  • The Icon: The Icons are not chosen, they are the sign under which you are born. Jayun is ‘The Faceless’ the ‘seeker’ icon with no symbol, and in temples there is an empty place or asymmetry in place of an icon. Fun. Mechanically this means Jayun can change one fact about a scene once per session… It costs a ‘Darkness Point’ but what is the GM going to do with those anyway?
  • Crew Position:   Captain, Engineer, Pilot, Sensor Operator or Gunner. Only Gunner seems to be a remote fit as Jayun is more of a ‘boarding party’ kind of guy.

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