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Coriolis: Combat

The job did not go quite as planned. Amal and Jayun walked briskly through the bazzar, well aware that they had at least three of Kabdullah's employees in 'casual pursuit'.
People Skills... GO!
Amal nods towards an alley quitely stating that 'it would be better to get this done now, on our terms...'
"Boy, it sure would be nice if we had some grenades, don't you think?" said Jayun, prompting Amal to point to the frag grenade on Jayun's bandoleer as he rolled his eyes.
 Quickly turning into the the alley, they picked up their pace, Kabdullah's henchmen abandoning the casual part of their pursuit to follow. As the thugs entered the alley they saw Jayun and Amal casually leaning against the buildings on either side of the alleyway looking at them, Jayun playfully tossing a grenade between his hands and Amal with an accelerator pistol casually pointed in their direction.
"We gonna do this, or are you just gonna stare?" said Jayun with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

Everyone rolls 1d6 for initiative, we will roll once for the 3 thugs and show some very abbreviated stats:

Jayun 4
Agility 4, Strenght 5, HP 9, Melee 3, Ranged 1, Vulcan Carbine (+1,init 0, Damage 3, Crit 2, SHORT, Auto), Frag Grenade (Damge 2, Crit 1, Radius Close), Knife (+0,Init +2, Damage 1, Crit 2), Protective clothing 3
Amal 3
Agility 4, Strength 4, HP 8, Command 3, Melee 2, Ranged 3, Accelerator Pistol w/ sensor scope (+1 Ranged on aimed shots,+1, Init 0, Damage 2, Crit 1,LONG), Knife, Protective CLothing 3
3xThugs 3
Agility 3, Strength 3, HP 6, MP 4 Melee 2, Ranged 1. Vulcan pistol (+1, init +1, Damage 2 , Crit 2, Short, Reliable) Knife

Unfortunately the time taken to posture for the thugs seems to mean that the thugs will go first. (Their initiative is tied with Amal, but they are using Vulcan pistols this round, which adds a +2 to their initiative for this round)

For simplicity sake, the GM is going to run the 3 thugs as one unit this round, mechanically this means they act like a single 'character' but each additional Thug after the first adds a +1 to all attack rolls.

Round 1

The thugs each spend one movement point to draw their pistols, and two to shoot at the maniac with the grenade. (Rolling 3 dice for Agility, 1 for Ranged and 2 for the group 'assist' getting two sixes. If damage makes it though his Armor, the thugs are using the extra 6  to disarm him)
Jayun's armor doesn't help, and he takes 2 points of damage and drops his grenade... which still had the pin in.

Amal drops to cover (1 action) and fires is Accelerator Pistol using the cover to brace (1 action, +1 Ranged combat). (Rolling 4 Dice for Agility, 3 Dice for Ranged and 1 for Bracing, he gets NO sixes... Praying to the Icons he gets 2 sixes, and the GM gets a Darkness Point to use later. Amal is going to use his extra 6 to facilitate a critical wound on the lead thug on top of the 2 points of damage he did, rolling a 55 on the critical chart)

Amal's shot rips open an artery in the thug's arm, spraying his comrades with blood and dropping him to ground... Left untended he will be dead in 4 minutes.

Jayun drops to cover (1 action), unslings his rifle (1 action) and takes a quick shot at another thug (1 action)  (Rolling 4 dice for agility, 1 for Ranged, 1 for Braced, -2 for Quick shot leaving him 4 dice on which he gets 0 sixes)

Jayun takes a pot shot from cover as the GM spends his remaining Darkness Points to jam Jayun's gun... Apparently he hasnt been taking very good care of 'her'.

Round 2

Both thugs go for cover (1 action) and fire at Amal (Rolling 5 dice as one of the thugs is bleeding out and cant help, getting one 6)
Amal rolls his armor of 3 PLUS the cover granted to him by the alleyway junk (3), getting one 6 and negating the damage.

Amal takes an aimed shot (3 actions) , which gives him an additional 3 dice to hit (2 for the aim, one for the scope) (Rolling 4 dice for agility, 3 for Ranged, 1 for the Pistol, 1 for the scope , 2 for aiming and 1 for bracing gives him 12 dice to roll, netting 3 sixes. One six is used to generate suppression which adds one stress to the thug, and uses another 6 to raise his initiative by 2.

Jayun grabs the grenade (1 action) and tries to throw it between the two thugs (2 actions) (Rolling 4 dice for Agility and 1 for ranged, he fails, prays to the icons and hands the GM a Darkness Point, getting two sixes on his reroll.) One of the sixes will be applied as critical damage to the 'unstressed' thug getting a 54 on the chart.

The grenade lands in between the thugs, clearing their cover. Both thugs take 2 points of damage, but the here-to-fore untouched thug takes a chunk of shrapnel internally and begins the process of bleeding out in the alleyway.

Round 3

Amal bumped his initiative last round and demands the remaining thug surrender and he will be allowed to live. He doesn't actually have Manipulate, so he will be rolling 3 dice for Empathy, +1 for an injured opponent, +1 for outnumbering him and +1 for presenting a strong case... his two compatriots bleeding out near his location. (Rolling he gets two sixes)

Amal gets a 'Limited Success' and the thug agrees so long as he is allowed to live and take the belongings of his former compatriots.

Amal and Jayun are fine with this deal and also press the thug for some information on who else may be on their tail...


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