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Coriolis: The Crew of the Kerm-e Shabtaab Part III

And now to round out the roster of this entirely not ripped off from Firefly crew...

Saman Turan

Saman Turan is a Scientist/Medicurg from a very Privileged upbringing. His Concept skills are Medicurgy, Manipulation, Observation and Science. His Key Attribute is Wits. He also gains a +1 to his Reputation due to the prestige of his profession.

Upbringing: Privileged. He was afforded every social advantage which he utilized not only to gain access to the best schools, but also to free his sister.
Appearance:  Face: Curious eyes and Clothing: Fancy Djellaba
Talents: Wealthy Family (+2 to Manipulation when you use rumors of your Family's wealth where applicable.)
Personal Problem: You put the welfare of your sister before the crew.
Relationships: We would establish that after the other PCs are created
Gear: Communicator [III], computer, database, medikit, Tools [Advanced]
Attributes:  Strength: 2 Agility: 2 Wits: 5 Empathy: 4 Hit Points: 4  Mind Points: 8 Reputation: 7 Birr: 5000
Skills: Medicurgy 3, Manipulation 3, Observation 3 and Science 3
The Icon: The Traveler. Ask the GM which of two options is most beneficial for you.
Crew Position:   Probably the primary Sensor Operator.

Roodkhane Taram

Roodkhane Taram is a Fugitive/Mystic who was from a privileged family, however was 're-educated' in an institutional settining giving her a more Plebeian background. Her Concept skills are Mystic Powers, Melee (house-ruling this), Dexterity and Infiltration. Her Key Attribute is Empathy. She also loses 2 from her Reputation as Fugitive Mystics are quite unwelcome in polite society.

Upbringing: Plebeian. Her recent years transformed her into something quite different than what she was before. What that is exactly remains to be seen.
Appearance:  Face: Blank stare and Clothing: Red patterned gallabeya
Talents: Mind Reader (Can read a target's surface thoughts in close range)
Personal Problem: Periodic Psychosis
Relationships: We would establish that after the other PCs are created
Gear: tag with 500 Birr, Communicator [II], Dura Sword, Thermostatic suit, Transactor with Fake ID
Attributes:  Strength: 3 Agility: 4 Wits: 4 Empathy: 4 Hit Points: 7  Mind Points: 8 Reputation: 0 Birr: 500
Skills: Mystic Powers 1, Melee 3, Dexterity 3 ,Infiltration 1
The Icon: The Dancer. Evade an incoming attack, taking no damage.
Crew Position:   Probably best kept in isolation

Hanbal Waheed

Hanbal Waheed is a Pilot/Freighter Pilot who was never able to see the night sky from his homeworld which was his inspiration to become a pilot to see the stars. His Concept skills are Pilot, Force, Data Djinn and Technology. His Key Attribute is Agility.

Upbringing: Stationary. The hostile environment of his homeworld leaves him with a Stationary background.
Appearance:  Face: Big smile and Clothing: Festive Caftan
Talents: Zero-G Training
Personal Problem: Taunts Fate
Relationships: We would establish that after the other PCs are created
Gear: Talisman (Plastic Dinosaur, Pilot +1), Exo Shell, communicator [IV], Accelerator Pistol, Flight Suit
Attributes:  Strength: 2 Agility: 5 Wits: 3 Empathy: 4 Hit Points: 7  Mind Points: 7 Reputation: 4 Birr: 1000
Skills: Data Djinn 3, Force 2, Pilot 3, Technology 1, Ranged 1
The Icon: The Deckhand. (restore 1d6 to hull or energy if either drops to 0 )
Crew Position:   Pilot, until he is invariably killed in a sudden and unexpected manner.


Zareen  is a Soldier/Legionnaire who was born on a ship, and has been 'in the fight' for most of her life... Often times on the losing side. She served with Amal when the Nazareem's Militia, an offshoot of the now expunged Nazareem's Sacrifice made their last stand against several combined Factions, and their allegiance has not strayed. Her Concept skills are Force, Melee Combat, Ranged Combat and Survival. Her Key Attribute is Agility.

Upbringing: Stationary. Zareen was born on a ship and spent most of her life 'in transit' from one warzone to the next. Her combat background drops her reputation by 1 point.
Appearance: Face: Focused and unsmiling and Clothing: Fatigues
Talents: Combat Veteran, takes best of two for initiative rolls.
Personal Problem: Dangerous Friends
Relationships: We would establish that after the other PCs are created
Gear: Heavy Armor, Vulcan Carbine, Frag Grenade, Advanced Scope, Communicator[II]
Attributes:  Strength: 4 Agility: 5 Wits: 3 Empathy: 2 Hit Points: 9  Mind Points: 5 Reputation: 3 Birr: 1000
Skills: Force 2, Melee Combat 3, Ranged Combat 3, Survival 1, Observation 1
The Icon: The Judge. Automatic critical injury when your attack hits regardless of whether it penetrates. Once per session.
Crew Position:   Like Jayun, she is of more use when she brings the fight in-person.

'Amal' Rahzra

Amaliquah 'Amal' Rahzra  is a Soldier/Officer who grew up on a large farm. When the bulk of the Third Horizon's factions had banded together to wipe out the Nazareem's Militia. He and Zareen managed to survive when thousands of their Militia comrades did not. His Concept skills are Command, Culture, Ranged Combat and Melee Combat. His Key Attribute is Agility.

Upbringing: Plebeian. He was well educated for a backwater farm boy, but his lack of formal graces shines through clear as day. He also suffers a -1 to his Reputation due to his combat background, particularly being on the the losing side.
Appearance:  Face: Focused  and Clothing: Browncoat
Talents: Tough (Get to re-roll crits against him)
Personal Problem: Dangerous Loyalties
Relationships: We would establish that after the other PCs are created
Gear: Heavy Armor, Accelerator Pistol with sensor scope, Command Unit, Communicator[II]
Attributes:  Strength: 4 Agility: 4 Wits: 3 Empathy: 4 Hit Points: 8  Mind Points: 7 Reputation: 1 Birr: 500
Skills: Command 3, Melee Combat 2, Ranged Combat 3
The Icon: The Merchant (Can always find a favorable loan for ship parts or expensive objects)
Crew Position:  Always the captain

Dariq Kitab

Dariq Kitab presents himself as a preacher and a devotee of the Icons. His mysterious background, and knowledge of Black Ops as well as the deference shown him by a variety of factions reveals the he is, despite his current attempts at being something else: an Operative/Spy. His Concept skills are Data Djinn, Manipulation, Ranged Combat and Infiltration. His Key Attribute is Agility.

Upbringing: Privileged (13/12/6/5000). Little is known of his upbringing, but his manner of speech , as well as knowledge of esoteric topics indicates a privileged upbringing.
Appearance: we will choose Face: Calm  and Clothing: Preacher's Outfit
Talents: Licensed
Personal Problem: Seeking redemption.
Relationships: We would establish that after the other PCs are created
Gear: Vulcan cricket, computer, mechanical lockpick,assortment of fake identities, security tablet
Attributes:  Strength: 2 Agility: 4 Wits: 3 Empathy: 4 Hit Points: 6  Mind Points: 7 Reputation: 6 Birr: 5000
Skills: Data Djinn 2, Manipulation 3, Ranged Combat 2, Infiltration 2, Observation 1, Culture 1, Science 1


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