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Coriolis: The Crew of the Kerm-e Shabtaab Part II

We continue the development of our entirely original crew concept today with the introduction of
two more crew members, N'nara Al'Sarra the worldly courtesan, and Kohinoor the much less worldly engineer.

N'nara Al'Sarra

N'nara is the epitome of the Artist/Courtesan. She will start with Concept skills in Manipulation, Culture, Dexterity and Observation. Her key attribute is Empathy, and her reputation is boosted by 1.

Upbringing: Privileged. Being a Courtesan encompasses far more than the baser pleasures, but also encompasses the formal and informal rituals found in 'high society'. N'nara starts with a Reputation of 6 for beng Privileged, adding 1 for her concept, N'nara starts with a Reputation of 7, significantly more important in the eyes of the Third Horizon than the likes of Jayun.
Appearance: we will choose Face: Bedroom eyes and Clothing: Swirling skirts
Talents: Seductive (+2 to Manipulation when trying to achieve something through seduction)
Personal Problem: You have a duty to your faction that may conflict with the interests of your crew.
Relationships: We would establish that after the other PCs are created
Gear: Hand fan, environment scanner, Exquisite clothing, rare collection of poems and a standing reservation at Alkammaar's.
Attributes:  Strength: 2 Agility: 3 Wits: 3 Empathy: 5 Hit Points: 5  Mind Points: 8 Reputation: 7 Birr: 5000
Skills: Manipulation 3, Culture 3, Dexterity 2, Observation 3, Data Djin 1
The Icon: The Icons are not chosen, they are the sign under which you are born. N'nara randomly gets 'The Gambler' as her Icon. This gives N'nara the ability to choose an automatic critical once per session... Again at the cost of one 1 Darkness Point for the GM.
Crew Position:   Only Sensor operator seems to be a fit as traditionally N'nara was more of a passenger.


 'Kohinoor' is a natural Shipworker/Engineer. Her Concept skills are Data Djinn, Force, Observation and Technology. Her Key Attribute is Strength (odd?). She also suffers a -1 to her Reputation as keeping a boat in the air is not seen as a sign of high society.

Upbringing: Stationary. She may not have had a formal education when it comes to engineering, but she helped her dad enough to learn what she needed to fix pretty much anything that could be fixed.
Appearance:  Face: Always a smile and Clothing: Mechanic's coveralls
Talents: Exo Specialist (+2 to Force or Desxterity when handling a loader or battle Exo)
Personal Problem: You tend to see the good in people, even when it really isnt there.
Relationships: We would establish that after the other PCs are created
Gear: Tools(ordinary), Power glove, tabak, Exo Loader, Hyper rope, 1000 Birr
Attributes:  Strength: 3 Agility: 3 Wits: 4 Empathy: 4 Hit Points: 6  Mind Points: 8 Reputation: 3 Birr: 1000
Skills: Data Djin 2, Force 3, Observation 2, Technology 3
The Icon: Kaylee gets the Lady of Tears. She can ignore effects of a critical injury or can get back up after being Broken. Once per session.
Crew Position:   Engineer of course.


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