Saturday, March 5, 2016

Exodus: About the Elves

"The beauty of an Elf is only surpassed by the ugliness of her heart."
In the common lore Elves were often portrayed as prancing through the forest protecting the humble beasts and tending to the needs of the fairy woodlands.
As is the case with much 'common lore' it is completely and utterly wrong.
The Elves believed that any and all things in the world were created for the use of the Elves. The Elves have no gods, the Elves believe they ARE gods. (Due in no small part to their longevity)
Immediately before the Exodus in the Old World, while the other races banded together in a desperate bid to buy time so that entire populations could flee the seemingly unstoppable tide of the Enemy, the Elves stood fast in their forest domains secure in their defense and mildly amused by the destruction of the world around them.

While tens of thousands fled through the gate to the new world, Human Necromancers found a way to subvert  the living defenses of the Elves, allowing the Enemy to destroy them entirely. This distraction bought enough time to allow many more to cross over into the new world and allowed the last defenders of the gate enough time to seal it shut. 
Elves are a rarity in this world. Several have managed to crossover, but there are no known Elf settlements, and an Elf arriving in town is an event that does not go unnoticed... Often by the lynching of said Elf.
A note on Immortality:
Immortality is a blessing and a curse. The Elf will never grow old and will never die, however once 'killed' in combat the Elf can still feel EVERYTHING and if its sensory organs are still in one piece, he or she can perceive what is around him but the body at this point will never heal.
The worst punishment for an Elf is to be sentenced to the Teaching Tree. The Elf will be beheaded, and his still living head hung from the limbs of a tree along with thousands of others silently screaming in eternal undying torment as a continual 'lesson' to the community 

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