Monday, March 7, 2016

Exodus: About the Orks

Question: How do you anger an Ork?
Answer: Exist
The Orks are a large,chaotic and highly aggressive race that breeds at an alarming rate. Fortunately for the other races, Orks enjoy slaughtering each other as much as they do any other race.
Contrary to popular belief this is not mindless slaughter. The Orks firmly believe in the 'survival of the fittest', since they are an asexual race, and all members are capable of procreating at seemingly random intervals, they see it as their duty to 'weed out' the weakest members so that their weakness does not manifest in another generation, thus strengthening the race as a whole and eventually causing the species to ascend to godhood. (OrK Pre-Exodus mythology consisted of one creator god, who after creating the orcs, killed himself for failing to create perfection... This god has no name as all creatures found to be failures are to be forgotten, even divine ones...)
Just as all Orks may randomly procreate, some Orks may grow much faster and stronger then their fellows and become Oraks.
Oraks are physically powerful, but also much more even tempered and intelligent than their lesser brethren (Orakas) allowing them to fill what passes for leadership roles in Orkish ‘society’.
Being both highly individualistic and highly chaotic means that Orks (especially Oraks) are fearsome lone-wolf warriors, but lack any semblance of organization needed to form larger military units with any degree of cohesion or long-term purpose. They also tend to shun complex martial-forms and rely on brute force to win any encounters.
Orak Warlords have risen to drive Orkish hordes on to great wars of destruction, but these hordes tend to fall upon themselves the moment their Orak leaders fall.

An Orak averages 7 feet in height and weighs in at an impressive 350 pounds. Their skin color range from a grayish white to a chalky blue. Unlike 'lesser' Orakas, they are also uniformly bald.

Orakas (Commonly just called 'Orks') are about the same height and build as a human, but tend to be much much angrier. Skin colors are the same as the Oraks, but all have varying degrees of mangy black hair.

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