Friday, March 4, 2016

Exodus: An Interview

"So it was me an' Guhn were scoutin' ahead of the squad, just goin' ta pop into one of the little farm villages on da Western Frontier, maybe pop into  a farmer's daughter or two if ya know what I'm sayyin!."

"Indeed Scout, you paint a picture with words... Continue with your report."

"So anyways, as I was sayin' me an Guhn pop into this town all quiet like for a bit of fun, but da' whole town was empty! Da pub had ales on the table, and half eaten meals gone bad, but didn't find nobody... I told Guhn... 'Guhn, we needs ta scoot back to the Old Man and let him know what we found, but Guhn wanted to rekonyter... er rekonnayt.."

"Reconnoiter is the word you are looking for Scout, continue..."

"So Guhn wanders off looking for some reconnoitering.."

"You mean he is looting the village..."

"On me mama's grave sir, I swear he just be lookin' out for the Legion is all... Anyways I'm relievin' meself after investigating the ale supply a bit more in the pub when I heard Guhn... I swear it had to be him sir, but never heard no man make a scream like that then nothin'..."

"You went out to look for Scout Guhn at this point?"

"Er... Not quite sir, I figgered it be wiser to find one of them defeensible positions first..."

"You hid?"

"Er... Yes sir, I hid. Stayed in a crawlspace I did all night...maybe I'm a cowardly shit, but something wasn't... right..."

"The screaming of one's colleague would usually indicate that was the case..."

"I'm a good scout sir, grew up in the Frontier I did, know the sounds and the smells... When Guhn's scream cutoff... Everything else cutoff too sir.."


"Everything sir, not even a cricket fart... Then I felt it..."

"The 'Dirty Feeling' in your report?"

"Unclean sir... Like somethin' was crawlin on me grave...Not good with big words or big ideas sir, but it felt wrong sir, felt angular..."

"Angular? An odd choice of words Scout..."

"The world sir, it's curves... rolling hills, mountains,  a  whore's arse... This feeling was unclean... unnatural... All angles and sharpness crawling in my head... not natural sir... not natural at all."  

"And your eyes? You can still see?"

"Next morning sir, I popped outta da crawlspace and ran sir, clear back to the unit... Old Man crapped a brick when he saw me face and me eyes be missing..."

"But you can still see?"

"Yes sir, I see lots of things now sir...lots of things..."

- Unredacted Excerpt from Interview with Scout Thaelen of Mhordyn's Legion

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