Thursday, March 3, 2016

Exodus: Five Pillars of the Republic

I. There are No Rights But Those Which You Earn. Power is for the capable; traditional hereditary rule led to incompetence in the face of the Enemy which in turn destroyed our old world. All titles, duties and honors are to be earned. The achievements or failures of the father shall not be reflected upon the son.

II. Citizenship is a Right. And as such, it must be earned. All born into the Republic are Citizens, but Citizenship is a duty, and shall be stripped from those found to be lacking.

III. Life is a Right. And as such , it must be earned. All born into the Republic owe the Republic a Debt of Work to reflect the sacrifices of the millions who have died to ensure your existence and to ensure that if the Enemy sets foot on our new home, we shall not be found wanting again. Those found guilty of the murder of a Citizen, have not just deprived a Citizen of his Rights, but have also stolen from the Republic that Citizen's future contributions and shall be consigned to Perpetual Service to the Republic.  

IV. All Debts Are Paid. All Debts unpaid in life, will be paid in Perpetual Service.

V. The Republic is our Salvation. The Gods have deserted us, the old Royal traditions have weakened us and our old racial hatreds still threaten us. The Republic is our balm and our salvation. As individual Citizens, we are weak, as the Republic we are unstoppable.

- Five Pillars of the Republic

Pay Your Debt!

Join the Expeditionary Legions today and after a mere 5 year enlistment, not only will you fulfill your Debt of Work to the Republic, but you will be given land and supplies needed to add to the growing holdings of the Republic's colonization efforts.

Serve the Legion, Serve the Republic

(Penal and Indentured recruits also accepted.)

- Bill posted throughout the streets of Haven

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