Thursday, December 4, 2014

Icons - The Ashen Emperor

The Ashen Emperor - Forged of the Eternal Emperor’s ‘weaknesses’, the Ashen Emperor rules over the dead and the undead. However the Ashen Emperor is also capable of  love,mercy, kindness,humor and rage all elements that the Eternal Emperor found to be ‘flaws’ that needed to be expunged.

The Ashen Emperor’s presence is felt most strongly in cities where his ‘court’ meets for formal masquerade balls and fritters the night away.

It is customary to leave an empty ‘Emperor’s Seat’ at any grand event held by any worthy socialite in the hopes that he may visit.

Visitations do occur, and they can lead to a lively night of festivities, or undeath and terror depending on both his whim and the civility of the host.

The Ashen Emperor is most commonly associated with necromancers, comedians and those who are ‘looking to be entertained’ (i.e. wealthy aristocrats.)

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