Saturday, December 6, 2014

Icons - The Varangian

The Varangian - Regarded as merely a nuisance for centuries, once the Empire fell upon itself the sea-raiders became an increasing, but sporadic threat due to continual infighting. Given this and the fact that they were primarily human, they were never taken seriously until a few years ago when the Varangian forged the clans together through a combination of brutality, subtlety and promises of wealth awaiting the longboat crews in the now ill-defended cities of the Elves, Dwarves. Halflings and other ‘civilized’ races. She even assumed control of  many of the Orc clans with the allure of plundering a dying civilization.
The raiders are more numerous than anyone could have imagined, and the burned husks of coastal cities attest to both their savagery and the Varangian’s boundless ambition.

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