Thursday, December 4, 2014

Icons - The Eternal Emperor

The Eternal Emperor - Ruler of what is left of The Eternal and Changeless Celestial Empire of Tranquility and the breaker of the Celestial Order. Since the dawn of time, the emperors ruled for 500 years before abdicating for the next in line. The Eternal Emperor did not and the natural cycle of the world was broken as was the Empire itself.
The Emperor divested himself of all ‘weakness’ including his mortality by investing all of these traits in a magically created ‘twin’. This ‘twin’ as is the nature of things escaped and now rules a ‘shadow court’ as the Ashen Emperor.
His wife, unwilling to accept either ‘pieces’ of her husband retreated with her followers under the earth.
The Eternal Emperor currently rules his court attended by an ever changing retinue of scribes recording his every action to be added to ‘the Values’. One small error on the part of a scribe typically results in her demise if she is lucky, or in being added to the chorus of tormented enemies nailed to the wall of his court.
Both Emperors and the Mourning Bride are of course Elves, and spend most of their time involved in various plots against each other.

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