Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Icons - The Librarian

The Librarian - Reputedly enslaved as a child and consigned to work in the Halls of Hell, the Librarian rapidly proved her worth by exhibiting a level of intelligence not commonly exhibited by mortals. Deemed ‘intelligent ’ but not ‘dangerous’ by virtue of her being an Orc, she was given the position of  cataloger in the Library of Hell and eventually raised to become the Assistant Head Librarian, the highest position she could obtain as a non-demon.

The Librarian was worthy of her name as she had for years quietly used her access to the library to not only study, but master the contents of many arcane tomes that even the devils themselves had forgotten existed.

Exhausting what knowledge Hell contained, she simply walked out , an insult that the Infernal powers shall never forget nor forgive.

The Librarian is also the founder of Logos, the university that floats in the clouds and whose only criteria for admittance is being able to find and enter it.

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