Thursday, December 4, 2014

Icons - The Mourning Bride

The Mourning Bride - Although the Drow are elves, they have always been considered a people apart. As was the custom the new Emperor of The Eternal and Changeless Celestial Empire of Tranquility took a Drow to be his bride. 
When he refused to step down at his appointed time and chose instead to break both himself and the Empire to continue his rule, his wife took her people and departed for a domain far under the earth and out of his grasp. 
The Emperor’s fury at her ‘abandonment’ has led him to focus on the extermination and torment of her people.
She mourns the man she once knew, and she wars against the man that he has become.
The Mourning Bride now cares only for her people, and no longer has any affection for the other races, even Elves.

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