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Covert Ops Session 3: "The Best Laid Plans of... GRENADE!!!!"

"Sir we don't much information at the moment"... he calmly stated into his phone.

This was an understatement. Sam had an MIA chalk element, unexpected interference from Sector, an unknown hostile third party, and an African military with delusions of competency to contend with.

"Sam, we just lost a chalk, and a soon to be Colonel with major political ties, possibly in a firefight with a supposedly friendly intelligence agency.. Get me some ****ing information!" screamed the angry voice.

"Well sir, we know we had survivors and they called in a Pinnacle-Broken Arrow before exfiltrating themselves when the local military converged on the facility." replied Sam.

C2 had captured the brief conflict as a helicopter seemingly slid off the roof, as the chalk was inbound, and flew off over the river in the dead of night evading pursuit.

Two figures ran out of the facility to a heavily modified luxury car, carrying another person. The crew of the blackhawk demanded their surrender, but after a highly confusing series of events, the driver of the car appears to have managed to gently toss a grenade out the drivers side window and into the blackhawk killing the crew.

Given the car managed to take the full brunt of fire from the door gunner's minigun, Sam knew damn well that this  could have only been sourced from a fairly small number of groups.

He needed to find that car... And the processed uranium... And the other helicopter... And a lot more 'ands'...

NSA had ID'd the facility as Al-Qaeda owned, but after the 'Sector' signage in the facility was found as well as the very sophisticated uranium processing  equipment onsite and a dead Sector agent in the medical facilities, that was obviously not the case.

Why the people who fled in the helicopter would later return to help Sgt. Hughes and his team repel an assault by a third party that had co-opted an MH-6 Little Bird made little sense. Why Hughes would hand over a captive to them and then go dark with his remaining team when the local military showed up made even less sense.

"I can't have nuclear materials floating around Africa, and I can't have rogue agencies with nebulous agendas making my life more difficult. Do what you need to do to contain this. This is an election year, and I like my job... If you like yours, make this problem go away!"

"Of course Mr. President..."

There were days that Sam loved his job,and this was not one of them.

Sector 6 may have gone rogue, and that was the least troubling item on his list.


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