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Valeria, the 13th Age Version

 Now that we have created the D&D version, let us see what she looks like in 13th Age.

1. Choose Race: 13th Age has nine default races as well as a couple of optional races depending on GM/campaign.

Once again, we will select Human.

Humans in 13th Age receive a +2 to any one attribute, the Racial Power 'Quick to Fight' which allows her to roll twice for initiative and take the best roll (In DnD this would be equivalent to having 'advantage' on all initiative rolls) and one bonus feat at level one.

2. Choose Class: We will go with 'Fighter' once again.

All classes give a +2 to one attribute, in this case we will go with Dexterity and give the +2 Human bonus to Constitution.

The Fighter gets to choose three talents to start. Given that she is a 'Shield Maiden', I am going to choose the following:

- Skilled Intercept: Allows her to intercept an enemy that is attacking an ally.
- Counter-Attack: Once per round if the escalation dice is even and an enemy misses you with a an odd roll, you get a free half-damage counter attack.
- Tough as Iron: Once per battle you can rally using a quick action.

Fighters also have these two class features:

- Extra Tough: 9 recoveries instead of 8
- Threatening: Applies a penalty to an enemy attempting to disengage.

Finally we get to pick three maneuvers:

- Defensive Fighting - On a roll of 16+ (and any even roll if she has a shield) she gets an AC bonus until your next turn.

- Shield Bash - Valeria can pop-free one enemy she is fighting.

- Carve an Opening -Increases her crit range by +1 on odd-rolls until she makes a crit, then the range resets.

Finally she gets to choose two feats (one additional due to her race...)

Feats in 13th Age are typically enhancements to existing talents/class features that make them better.

- Shield Bash (A) - She can force a foe to pop-free from an ally as well.

- Counter-Attack (A) - Counter Attack deals FULL damage.

3. Generate Ability Scores: 13th Age allows for point buy, or random rolls.
Interestingly if we take Valeria's D&D stats, they would cost 28 points, which is the allowance given.

Before Race and Class bonuses:

STR: 14 CON: 14 DEX: 16 INT: 8 WIS: 12 CHA: 10

After the allocations made earlier in the process:

STR: 14 CON: 16 DEX: 18 INT: 8 WIS: 12 CHA: 10

Hitpoints: (8 + CON Mod) x 3 =  33

Armor Class: 13th Age abstracts gear quite a bit, so with Heavy Armor and a Shield she starts at 16, and we add a modifier equal to the MIDDLE value of the CON/DEX/WIS modifiers which is +3 in this case, +1 for level which brings us to an AC of 20. (13th Age is almost the polar opposite of D&D's 'Bounded Accuracy' model.)

Physical Defense: Like AC it is the middle value of a modifier array + base + level, in this case her PD is 14

Mental Defense: 11

Initiative: Dex Mod + level = +5

Recoveries: 9 (each 1d10* level) + CON mod

Basic Melee: She has a Battleaxe which counts as a one-handed martial weapon and will have a +3 to hit vs AC and do (1d8*level) + 2 damage on a hit, and 1 point on a miss.
Basic Ranged: Longbow that has  a +5 to hit vs AC and do (1d8*level) + 4 damage on a hit, nothing on a miss.

Note that ammunition and the like are not things we bother with in this system.

4. One Unique Thing: This is the 'story item' that makes you unique.

For Valeria let's go with 'Ex-wife of the Orc Lord.' That would also imply some sort of alliance with the 'viking' equivalents in this world and the orcs... It also implies a really really messy divorce.

5. Icon Relationships. 13th Age has icons, these are not gods, but they are the powers that be in the worlds (such as Gandalf in the Hobbit, or the Emperor in the Star Wars movies.) It is strongly hinted that the ones included are merely examples, but we will go with them as is for now.

Each character gets three relationship points to start. You can choose to have positive, conflicted or negative relationships with the icons.

Since we have established Valeria's marital history, let's give her the following:

Conflicted, Orc Lord 2 dice.

We will also say that she has somehow established a somewhat positive relationship with the Three (Evil dragons).

Positive, the Three 1 dice.

6) Skills: 13the Age uses backgrounds instead of a hard skill list. Each character starts with 8 points:

3 Feared former sea reaver.
3 A hard-won understanding of the 'greenskins'
2 The ways of Dragons

 Next up we will put all this in character sheet form...


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