Sunday, October 19, 2014

In the spirit of Gamer ADD, we now play D&D, instead of Covert Ops...

The Cast:

Oona:  Dwarven barbarian outsider who was raised by wolves, but plays the time honored 'Dwarven Spoons' as well.
Kras: Drow druid sage who lacks 'people skills' and reads books in bars.
Skye: Dragonborn Paladin Soldier. A semi-former standard bearer with the Wyrm Legion.
Frug: Gnome Warlock Hermit with an Infernal Pact. He also knows 'a secret'.
Crag: A vegetarian Dragonborn Legionnaire.
Shiv: An asshole Dragonborn Legionnaire.
Murk: Also know as 'Sarge' to the Legion, Murk is a 'Sergeant Major General'. and she commands the 4th Wyrm Legion which has currently taken control of Woburn.  
We start in Woburn, a city which has just recently fallen to the Wyrm Legion (newly returned from their exile 'overseas' the Dragonborn seek to impose order on the continually warring other races by rewarding settlements that comply with their occupation, and exterminating those that do not. Dragonborn aren't prone to subtle solutions.)

This being what it is, we find most of our protagonists in a bar, whose sign is still on fire as one quarter of the city currently is. Here the residents try to find comfort in their drink, and avoid thinking about the occupation as best they can.
Oona is drinking herself into oblivion at the bar, and notices a studious Drow reading a book next to her. In normal times seeing a Drow in a bar would probably rile up the locals... But the locals are currently dealing with their city having been invaded by a legion of Dragonborn, and this no longer even registers.

At any rate, Oona starts to give Kras some grief over reading a book in the bar when Skye throws open the door, storms inside and all the locals do their best to avoid meeting his gaze. 
Skye 'gently' informs the barman that this is his bar now and that he may leave... Which he does.

Skye notes that the dwarf, the drow and an unnoticed until this moment gnome with a vaguely unholy aura do not seem intimidated by him.

After some ,at times heated, discussion, both the sound of orc laughter in the back of the inn, and the results of a spectacularly failed passive perception check become apparent.

Wasting no time, both Oona and Skye leap over the bar and charge two of the orcs, Skye attempting to slam one orc with his shield, but instead giving it an awkward hug, while Oona's axe bites deeply into her orc.
The next couple of rounds will see one of the orcs standing confused while trying to count how many orcs are fighting, Kras returning to read his book, and Frug the unholy gnome beginning to electrocute one of the orcs while he sits at his table drinking.

Kras, finally angered by the noise gently blows a poison mist over to the orc being electrocuted ending his suffering.

Skye smashed into the remaining orc asking "How many orcs are there now??" To which he receives the briefly accurate reply of 'Four!' before butchering the orc.

Three other orcs have moved in during the scuffle, and Kras casts 'thunderwave', throwing one of the orcs into the wall, injuring all three of them, and killing several bar patrons who didnt have the wisdom to leave yet.
After a bit more wet-work, the group dispatches these orcs in short order, leaving Skye the only one who is slightly scuffed.

Kras is saddened to find that his book is covered with orc blood, and Frug is tired of reading, so uses 'burning hands' to set the book... And later most of the bar... on fire.

Frug loots the bodies and finds a few GP, but also finds that each of the orcs had an unworn armband with the symbol of an open hand, with an open eye. Kras recognizes this as the symbol of a mostly forgotten, possibly dead god named Liber who was a god of fertility and freedom... An odd choice of veneration for an orc.
Frug hears his patron's voice gently whisper to him that he once knew Liber, and that this should be 'fun'...
Two Wyrm Legionnaires, Crag and Shive make their appearance to both give Skye a hard time, and to let him know that the 'Sarge' wants to seem him.

Some discussion of how best to cook orc occurs as well, much to the disgust of the vegetarian Crag.


The group is escorted to Murk's command post which is merely a fairly small, but sturdily constructed house that she has appropriated for her purposes. She is toying with a fairly expensive looking Elven tea set when the group is brought into her presence as noted by the many broken shards of former teacups on the floor.

After some discussion about how just the cause of the Wyrm Legion is, and how sometimes you have to kill many many people to save them, the group learns the following:

- There is an organized resistance to the Legion, not in the form of a standing army, but in the form of bands of orcs and other races who now appear to be working in concert across the front.

- The Dragonborn do a poor job of taking people alive, so Murk offers the group the chance, and Skye the chance to do more with his career than wave a flag in battle.

- The group agrees, primarily because they are in the middle of an occupation and have nothing else to do.

- Kras teaches Murk how to properly hold a tea cup without breaking it.

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