Tuesday, October 14, 2014

COVERT OPS, Episode 1.5: "Oklahoma!(Seriously we are in Oklahoma...)"

  Sector 6 has ordered the team, now including Chester and Edward to head to New York.
  In the van...The glamorous life of espionage on a budget.

  After driving for awhile the team sees a wonderful sight ahead!


  The team is very excited to get some food, but Steve is even more excited to call Sector HQ and demand another ride as Chester and his van with the extra security system really creep him out.

  "CONGRATULATIONS ON 30 YEARS FLO!" reads the cheap banner over the entrance.

  The place is empty,aside from the team and Flo who looks as excited about her 30 years at 'the house' as one might expect. Of course once the food arrived, so did trouble in the form of four gentleman attired as jihadists doing their best to 'blend in' and 'act casual' as they enter the restaurant.
  An awkward silence descends before all hell breaks loose:

- Chase tries to stab one of the terrorists with a fork, fails and dives behind the booth using another terrorist as cover.

- Chad peaks out of the bathroom, and ends one of the terrorists with one shot.

- The terrorist that Chase was using for cover tries to stab him with a fork, and only ruins some upholstery.

- Chester eats his waffle.

- Steve scrambles for one of the sub-machine guns from the plane and opens up, catching  the terrorists and Chase in a hail of bullets and waffle chunks.(Hello deadly automatic fire rules, how are you?)

- Chase is down, covered in blood and syrup.

- Steve pauses while sending Edward to see what else is going on.

-Edward finds a not so nice man outside with an AK-47. The not so nice man opens fire, killing poor Edward, hitting Steve and winging Chester. Flo takes one to the chest as well as she comes out of the kitchen with a platter of waffles.

- In a cold rage Chester stands up, and walks directly towards the shooter, firing his pistol to avenge the loss of his tasty waffles but misses.

- As the waffle platter crashes to the floor, Flo comes up with a shotgun, landing a solid shot on the aforementioned not so nice man.

- More blood,bullets and waffles are spent.

- Chad runs out of the bathroom, dives towards one of the sub-machine guns on the floor, and comes up shooting, turning the last terrorist into a fine red mist.

Too bad there is nobody left to interrogate, perhaps the team will use more discretion at their next restaurant visit?

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