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Time to kill the character that we just made...

Now that we have a brief, and possibly inaccurate overview of how a few of the more common rpgs can bring this character to life, let us see what happens when she runs afoul of the perpetual fantasy murder target: the orc.

Or in this case, two:

"The orcs slip out of an alleyway ~30 feet ahead of Valeria. It is the dead of night in the city, but between the full moon and the sickly illumination provided by the streetlights, both sides can see just fine, and neither side is interested in talking."

D&D 5th Edition

Round 1 

Initiative is rolled, and Valeria goes before the Orcs.

Knowing that she cannot keep range against orcs (as they can essentially move twice towards a foe), she eschews her longbow and she charges towards them in grim determination stabbing at the first orc.

Since she is a shield master, she can use a bonus action to smash one of the orcs and attempt to knock him down. This is a contested strength(athletics) check, Valeria gets a total of 21, and the orc gets a 16, so down he falls.

For her attack, she will stab the fallen orc, and will have 'advantage' thus allowing her to roll two d20s and taking the highest. She will add + 5 to this number and needs to meet or beat a 13 (the orc's AC)

She rolls a 9 or a 2, and takes the 9 + 5 is a 14, just enough to hit, and does 9 points of damage (6 for the weapon +3 for dexterity)

The orc that hit the ground, lunges back up, swinging his greataxe, rolling an 18 + 3, easily beating her AC of 16. A greataxe does 1d12+3, The orc rolls a 9 + 3 is 12. Sadly this is also Valeria's total hitpoints, and she clutches her grievous wound as she slides to the ground dying.

Orcs:1 Valeria:0

13the Age

Round 1

Initiative is rolled, and Valeria gets to roll twice and take the best due to her racial power.
She goes first.

13th Age doesn't use a grid, but abstract ranges such as 'engaged', 'close' or 'far' and relative positions.

Valeria and the orcs are close, and facing each other,

Each turn a PC may take a move action, a major and a quick action.

For her move, Valeria engages one of the orcs with her battleaxe, and rolls a natural 20. Criticals in 13th Age double the damage, so she rolls 1d8+2 and doubles the total, in this case rolling a 4, plus 2 for strength doubled means 12 points of damage to the orc which causes him to scream in anger and pain.

Due to her Defensive Fighting maneuver, since she rolled a number greater than 16, she adds +2 to her AC until her next turn as she deftly follows up her axe swing by bringing her shield to bear.

The first orc swings his sword at her in a rage, rolling a 13 + 6 which beats her AC and inflicts 6 points of damage, as does the second orc, inflicting another 6 points of damage.

Round 2

Escalation dice is set to +1. Each round after the first, assuming the PCs are engaged the Escalation Dice goes up by one, which is added to every to-hit value for the PCs and is tied into some class abilities.

Valeria aims to end the hurt orc, but misses with a total of 12 (8+strength+escalation dice)

Both orcs miss as well.

Round 3

Escalation Dice +2

Valeria hits the hurt orc with a 16+3+2= 21, and does 10 points of damage, cutting it in twain and again uses her Defensive Fighting talent to increase her AC for a round.

The remaining orc swings at her and misses, but she gets a free counter attack when the escalation dice is even, doing 5 points of damage.

Round 4

Escalation Dice +3

Valeria rolls a measly 8, but with her strength bonus (+3), and the Escalation bonus (+3), she hits for 11, cutting down the final orc.

Orcs:1 Valeria:2

Barebones Fantasy Roleplaying Game 

Round 1 (Everything is done with d10s)

Valeria has an Init of 2, which means she rolls 2d10 and takes the best, the orcs have an init of 1.

Valeria wins to the initiative, and as BBF deals in 'spaces', we will set them 8 spaces apart.

Valeria leads off with a spear throw, but gets an 84, missing. She decides to move (free) towards the orcs and takes another swing (incurring a cumulative multi-action penalty of -20), and manages to hit with a 7 (her normal skill is 45, minus the penalty is 25). She rolls 2d+2 which becomes 11 damage minus the orcs 5 armor. The first orc takes 6 points of damage as he did not attempt to block or parry it.

Now the orc returns the favor, and rolls a 35. Valeria has a dexterity of 68, +20 for a shield. normally she would roll 88 or under, but she is at -40 due to gambling on that first spear throw and rolls a 97 which means the orc connects for 10 points of damage, minus her armor of 3 for 7 points of damage.

The other orc follows up with a 70, which means his axe swings well clear of Valeria.

Round 2 those multi-action penalties still stick around until your turn, the orcs each acted once, so no penalty to them.

Valeria rolls a 62, but spends a 'bone' to reroll getting a 17. The first orc is desperate to parry and does with an 8. His axe intercepts her blow.

He rests his axe free and hits with a 23. Even with the multi-action penalty. Valeria rolls equally as well and blocks it.

The second orc rolls a critical success! (doubles under your skill are crit success, doubles over are a fumble.) The orc will double his damage (9+7)*2 equals  a dead Valeria as her parry attempt fails dramatically.

She slumps to the street, lifeless.

Orcs:2 Valeria:2

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