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COVERT OPS, Episode 1: "A cop, a pilot and a conman walk into a plane..."

On a completely different note, my group is returning to Covert Ops, a really nice system by
 DWD Studios. With that in mind, here is a recap of what has been 'accomplished' previously.

 Dramatis Personae / Personae Non Grata

Chad - Recent recruit to SECTOR. Former cop. Only one who can shoot straight, or act rationally.
Chase - Recent recruit to SECTOR. Hotshot pilot who specializes in breaking formerly good airplanes and getting shot by teammates.
Chester - Recent recruit to SECTOR. Salty seadog from Oklahoma. Drives a creepy white panel van with really good locks. Apparently used to hang out with Edward.
Steve - Recent recruit to SECTOR. "Faceman"/sex offender/A.A. member. As part of his job offer, Sector assigns a member of SAP (Sector Asset Protection) to guard him from angry husbands, boyfriends, fathers, etc.
Edward - Steve's assigned SAP who was vacationing in Oklahoma. Died at the Battle of the OK Waffle House.
Flo - Celebrating 30 years working at a Waffle House in Oklahoma. Took a few rounds from an Ak-47 while serving waffles before returning fire with her shotgun. She's knows how the Chicken Fried 'Steak' is made... terrorists can't scare her anymore...
John Jackson - Secret Service agent assigned to protect Senator Swift's daughter. This detail has resulted in a lot of therapy appointments for Agent Jackson.
Jack Johnson - John Jackson's fellow agent who was not featured in this episode.
Serena Swift - Teenage daughter of Senator Swift and Steve's latest partner in the 'mile-high -while-on-the-corpse-of-a-murdered-sky-marshal-during-a-hijacking' club.
Senator Swift - A politician with presidential aspirations, who polls well and has no discernible stance on any issues. In DC they call this 'everybody'.
Clever Shirt Guy - He likes cards and planning failed assassinations. Apparently his colleagues are unhappy with his performance. A sinister logo was seen on the wall next to the Hello Kitty clock that simply said:  "SPECTRUM"
SPECTRUM - Queue dramatic music...

  We begin on a 'triple 7', enroute to La Guardia from Miami.

   It is an 'equipment change' flight, so the only passengers on board are a bored teenage girl, an Air Marshal who is really bad at pretending to be a 'businessman' and our three new recruits on the way to Sector 6 for their first assignment.
   Chase decides to wander the aircraft  to 'ensure aviation compliance' and pesters the non-Air Marshal for a bit until the non-Air Marshal shows him his non-gun.
   Steve quickly locates the liquor and the teenage girl and some drinking begins.
  After awhile the Air Marshal wanders to the back of the plane, Steve wanders towards the cockpit to check the door for safety, and Steve begins working on checking the teenage girl for a future sex offense.
  Chad stays in his seat, enjoying his drink and being suspicious,although not suspicious enough to note that the plane has been heading west, not north for some time now.
  After a failed WIL roll, the girl is persuaded by Steve to head back to the stewardess's 'lounge' in the back of the aircraft. And once in the back of the plane, they both (not surprisingly) fail at their rolls to notice something amiss, due to their rolling around making amiss...
 Chase notices the door is unbarred, and the cockpit appears empty. Like any crack agent would, Chase immediately moves into the cockpit to relax in the big comfortable chairs.
  At about this time Steve and Serena slip and fall, landing right next to the body of the Air Marshal, and right at the feet of two somewhat embarrassed looking gun toting terrorists.
  It is at this point that Serena begins screaming, and will continue to do so for awhile.
  Some fast talking by Steve puts the terrorists at ease as he offers them some water and some friendly conversation during their hijacking.
  The terrorists go along with it, and Steve leads them towards the front of the plane where the following happens:
- A signal is given to Chase in the cockpit, and Chase hits the 'fasten seat-belt sign' while putting the plane in a dive.
-The terrorists are knocked off their feet.
- Chad shoots both of the terrorists before they can do anything aside from revealing their mission to 'guard the package' in the hold and kill the pilots.
- The terrorists did not apparently think through the entirety of the plan they were given, a fact which slowly dawns on them before Chad puts them down.
-The engines flame out due to a critical fumble on the piloting check for the dive. Oops.
- Serena stopped screaming.
- Serena steps out from the lounge just in time to be covered in terrorist brain goop after Chad's last shot.
- Serena screams again.
- Steve finds a keycard on a terrorist.
  Due to some fantastic piloting (luck), Chase manages to level out the aircraft and 'lands' in a cornfield.
  Deciding that they should investigate 'the package' in the hold, the team gains entry to the cargo area, locates the package, hears descending numbers in Arabic being spoken in a mechanical voice from within the box, open the box, wishes someone would have taken any sort of technical skill, grabs Serena and evacuates the plane.

My comma key is now broken.

  After getting a good distance away from the plane, it explodes.
  Clever Shirt Guy is introduced in a cut-scene in which he is berated by his colleagues for failing a simple assasination plot. Clever Shirt Guy assures them everything is under control, and a menacing plaque with the word 'SPECTRUM' on it can be seen in the background.
  At this point, the Secret Service, local police and a creepy white panel van driven by Chester the Salty Sea Dog from Oklahoma and Edward, the SAP assigned to protect Steve arrive on the scene.
  Secret Service Agent John Jackson thanks the team for making sure no harm came to Senator Swift's daughter, and takes her into his custody.
  Serena tells Steve that her daddy will really like him.

  Steve doubts this.


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