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COVERT OPS, Episode 2.5:"Knock Knock... Who's there? Painful Gunshot Trauma."

Several days and several transfer later, the team finds themselves disembarking at Diori Hamani International Airport in Niamey.

An older European or Eurasian gentleman is waiting for them holding a sign for 'La Familia Peso". He introduces himself as 'Hoops' and he leads the agents to their vehicles.

Chester is impressed with his new creepy white van, now with armor (which makes it almost as difficult to get in as to get out.)

En-route to the Hotel Niamey, Steve realizes that nobody actually decided to phone ahead to Spectrum Industries or make any arrangements in advance. It is decided that they will go with the 'Hi-we-just-happen-to-be-in-the-neighborhood-with-a-briefcase-of-cash-and-would-like-to-buy-stuff-from-you.' approach.

At the hotel Hoops let's slip the fact that this is the second Sector team to visit Niamey recently. For $50 he let's slip that this team was a brother and sister duo who had planned to quietly sneak into the facility to find out what was going on inside.

This news infuriates Steve, who is shocked that an intelligence agency wouldn't be forthright and honest with their agents.

The team cold-calls Spectrum Industries from the hotel.
After some discussion, they make contact with Charles Tucker who sounds... skeptical. At the mention of cash however he invites the team over to the facility. The team decides to leave a significant amount of surveillance gear with Hoops as they are literally going to be knocking on the front door and don't want a bunch of eavesdropping equipment in their possession to make things look more suspicious.

(The idea currently is that Steve and Chase both speak Spanish, and with a sufficiently flimsy cover story and a ton of cash, Spectrum will assume they are fronting for a narcotics cartel, not an intelligence agency.)

The team arrives at Spectrum industries, and it while there are a ton of guards, they all seem to be horribly ill-equipped, and at least one is witnessed 'shooting up' on duty. The gate attendant barely looks at them as he waves them through where the team is met by a well dressed gentleman who will take the representatives of 'La Familia Peso' into the facility to meet Charles Tucker.

Chester and Chase remain in the parking lot... That only contains their vehicles. (They do spy a helicopter on the roof of the building.)

Steve, Chad and Clancy are led inside where they note that the facility look MUCH cleaner and more modern then outside appearances would indicate. They are led upstairs into a conference room surrounded by glass that overlooks the factory floor.

- Chad notices that the factory is not in use.

- Mr. Tucker introduces himself over the speaker phone and notes that the team's cover is laughably bad.

- Steve assures him that they are just interested in his product.

- Mr. Tucker assures Steve that if he is interested in the product, then he shall have some. At this point the team hears the sound of gas entering the room.

- The guards outside begin to organize and head towards the car and the van. Chase exits the car, enters the van and Chester drives the van into the lobby.

- As soon as the van breaks into the building Chad detonates a c4 charge on the conference door allowing them to escape the conference room.

- Hearing the sound of the helicopter starting up, the team makes for the roof, aside from Chester who hearing the impact of small arms fire on his van backs out and starts running over the guards.

- Once on the roof the team spots the helicopter ready to lift off, a smiling gentleman with two revolvers aimed at them sitting in the passenger side.

-Unpleasantness erupts.

-The smiling man throws a grenade, causing the agents to scramble out of the way as best they can while the pilot is shot in the head by Chad, causing the helicopter to hover erratically.

-The smiling man stops smiling.

-Clancy puts his leadership skills to use to orchestrate the team's tactics while Chase jumps into the back of the chopper and takes control of the helicopter.

- The team drills the smiling man a couple times, causing him to throw down his weapons and surrender.

- Chester briefly gets the van stuck (bad Pilot roll). He manages to dislodge the van just as the last eight guards converge on him. He continues to play 'carmageddon' with the remaining guards as they attempt to flee.

The team has managed to capture someone... alive. They also have a facility to explore.

But elsewhere, on-board a low flying Black Hawk:

"Chalk One is inbound, ETA 30 minutes..."

"Be advised little bird close air support is delayed by 15 minutes."

"Roger that. We will have that factory cleaned out well before then..."


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